DUNE: THE SISTERHOOD – Denis Villeneuve will bring us a whole series of streaming on DUNE


Everyone stays calm and reads carefully.

As we all know, the super-director Denis Villeneuve has already left for HAM in the first part of a two-part film. dune adaptation for the big screen. The cast seems superb until now, and all the indicators show that Villeneuve felt free to become as strange as that. It's perfect.

And Villeneuve has a shit to do, so you'd think once he's done with both dune movies (or maybe just that one) he'll move on. Apparently not. Deep breath here …

WanerMedia Streaming, a streaming service you do not need to know, because when you memorize this sexy title, it will already belong to a streaming service that you already know, will host a new dune called series Dune: sorority. We are not done yet with this breath …

Dune: sorority will be a pre-series focused on the Bene Gesserit. If you do not know what it is, you will see once dune, Do not worry. They are cool. A potential problem, and I'm mainly talking about ignorance here, is that it would be a pretext that would not be based on any of Frank Herbert's text (although I think that some of Brian Herbert's elements might enter it. ). It does not seem super exciting. But do not let that breath go out …

The pilot of the show will be led by none other than Villeneuve; there is therefore an automatic recharge of credits. Jon Spaihts is ready to write and he is not outdone either. Both will help with executive production.

Ok, breathe. That's about all we know right now, but it's a lot to take at one time. I think it's safe to say that we are all going to live in a dune future. And it will be interesting if the first film is not good. But hey, people love super strange space epics, right?


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