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Dunkin's and Grubhub are launching a new food delivery service called Dunkin & # 39; Delivers

It's now easier for the Big Apple to run on Dunkin's.

Dunkin & # 39; and Grubhub announced Monday the launch of Dunkin & # 39; Delivers, a new food ordering and delivery service gathering 400 Dunkin sites & participating in New York.

The goal is to extend service to other markets such as Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia in the coming months, the coffee company announced in a press release.


Customers who want a caffeine solution can use Grubhub or Seamless, the New York brand of the mobile phone company, to place their drinks and food orders. The company stated that they had been integrated into Dunkin's point-of-sale system to ensure accurate deliveries.

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"By deepening our relationship through our direct point-of-sale integration, we are able to create the most efficient process, ensuring the smooth operation of store operations and ensuring that customers receive their favorites as quickly as possible." possible, "said Seth Priebatsch, corporate manager of Grubhub, said in an online statement.

Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, vice president of digital marketing and loyalty at Dunkin & # 39; US, expressed optimism expressed in a statement.

"We worked closely with Grubhub to optimize service in our initial tests, and we were encouraged by the strong response from our customers," said Meltzer-Paul. "We are excited to launch Dunkin 's Delivers in New York today and look forward to working with Grubhub to expand service in other cities over the next few months.

The new Grubhub distribution program comes as New York City Council is about to hold a hearing on this and other food distribution applications at a high cost of restoration. .


"We are trying to find ways for small businesses, these family stores, to keep their doors open," said Bronx Councilman Mark Gjonaj at the New York Post. "You never expect something like Grubhub to compromise the business model and affect whether or not your business is maintained."

Gjonaj is the chairman of the Small Business Committee of the City Council.

"If we see any abuse or manipulation, we could certainly refer to the judicial authorities," Gjonaj said.

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