Dwayne Allen does not sign good sign for dolphins Chris Grier


For those looking for quick evidence as to whether the Miami Dolphins general manager, Chris Grier, was the right choice for the job, they had their first clue, and that does not look good at first.

Do we already have the sign that Chris Grier is the ideal candidate for the position of general manager of the Dolphins?

Dwayne Allen's signature, in itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. He is under 30 and the deal would cost only $ 7 million over two years. So it's not a huge financial commitment. And, perhaps, he brings the "Patriot Way" to Miami. (Although, having been hammered with over the past two years, I no longer believe in this nonsense of "culture".)

This is what he says about his skills in evaluating players. While others, myself in particular, thought that the Dolphins should have chosen Eagles teammate Dallas Goedert in the second round, Grier decided to accept Mike Gesicki's "sexy" choice.

It's too early to say if Gesicki will become a threat but he is clearly not a skilled blocker. To make up for his known deficit in this area, Grier also used a fourth round pick on TE Durham Smythe. Finally, as neither Gesicki nor Smythe seemed ready to be rookie, the Dolphins signed Nick O'Leary out of their training squad for a two-year contract last year. These are three tight ends acquired under Grier's "oversight" that have now been canceled by the signing of Allen's free agent.

Some would say that releasing O'Leary would only cost $ 100,000 from the ceiling. You are right.

There are those who would say that Adam Gase had control of the list of 53 men. Their right too.

That said, Grier was the "GM" and is supposed to be this "scholarly" talent evaluator who will lead the Dolphins towards the next "golden age" of franchise history. If so, how does he justify Allen's signature?

If Allen is needed, then Grier would have apparently missed "twice" in the project. If Grier did not miss out on Gesicki and Smythe, then his first act as a Dolphins' leader was to spend $ 7 million for a "culture passer" while he was around for two years and that's what he was doing. he did not really see anything. And if he made that signature solely on the recommendation of new head coach Brian Flores, are not we just reliving the days of Adam Gase and what exactly is Chris Grier's job?

Now back to the original question. Does this signature mean that Grier was the wrong man to lead the organization? Not necessarily. Does this mean that it will continue to make the same mistakes as previous GMs? No. However, if you agree with the arguments above, this is not a good way to start, is it?

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