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Dwayne Johnson donates accessories to Jorge Masvidal for the "necessary" KO at UFC 239

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Like many of us, Dwayne Johnson was extremely impressed with Ben Askren's KFC 239 knockout when he was on his knees.

"The Rock", a staunch supporter of UFC, recently took the Twitter where he responded to 'Gamebred' with the following evaluation of his performances last weekend.

"You know I did it, brother." Dwayne Johnson responded to Jorge Masvidal when asked if he could smell the piece. "You served them cold and violent – as it should be. Big Luv. # Miami #AndNew

Jorge Masvidal needed just 5 seconds to give Ben Askren his first career defeat at UFC 239. 'Gamebred' got a brutal knee just seconds after the start of the fight that caused the crash ' Funky 'on an octagonal canvas.

The win is Masvidal's second sensational knockout, having already beaten Darren Till at UFC London.

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Dwayne Johnson, who is arguably the greatest Hollywood actor and former WWE champion, now hopes to see Masvidal claim the title after his "cold and violent" knockout, Askren.

Jorge shares the same feeling, since he recently called the UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman.

If a battle for the title with "The Nigerian Nightmare" does not succeed, Masvidal is also in freefall with his former "champion champion", Conor McGregor.

No matter who is fighting with Jorge Masvidal, one thing is certain. Gamebred is now one of the rising stars of the UFC.

When names like Dwayne Johnson start getting attention, you know you've done it.

This article was first published on BJPENN.com on July 11, 2019

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