Dwayne Johnson runs for president in new ‘Young Rock’ trailer

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks back on his formative years while being interviewed as a presidential candidate in the year 2032 in the new NBC trailer. Young Rock. Co-created by Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh off the boat, Always be my maybe) and Johnson, the comedy series based on the life of the wrestler-actor debuts on February 16.

“To understand me,” Johnson told the interviewer, “you have to understand where I’m from.” Actor Randall Park, who poses as a reporter in 2032, covers Johnson’s campaign trail in the series, as Weekly entertainment reports. Rosario Dawson, who makes a cameo appearance in the trailer, will play General Monica Jackson and serve as “a very integral key to Dwayne Johnson’s presidential campaign,” according to THAT ONE.

The clip features flashbacks to Johnson’s formative years, highlighting him growing up in a wrestling family while living in Hawaii at the age of 10 (played by Adrian Groulx), in his mid-years. – mustached adolescence (portrayed by Bradley Constant) until early adulthood (portrayed by Uli Latukefu).

“The Wild and True Story” highlights Johnson’s “larger than life family” as well as his rise in athletics, from playing football at the University of Miami to becoming a professional wrestler superstar. In addition to Johnson showing up as he runs for President, he also serves as the narrator.

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