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Dwayne Johnson thinks a black superman will arrive soon

Dwayne Johnson asserts his belief that one day, adaptations of cinematic comics will see a version of Superman played by a black actor. The action star is the next to be seen in The fast and the furious spin off Hobbs & Shaw, which features a line where Idris Elba's super-tough villain, Brixton Lore, declares himself "Black Superman."

In recent years, comic book characters have begun to play a larger role in film adaptations, like Miles Morales' Black Panther and Spider-Man in their own movies, while Falcon, War Machine and Captain MarvelMaria Rambeau played important supporting roles. It should also be noted that the film is often considered the first Marvel film of the modern era, the pre-MCU film. Blade, has a black protagonist.

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The subject was raised when Johnson was interviewed by Variety at the world premiere for Hobbs & Shaw. When asked how he thought Hollywood was managing inclusion and diversity in his superhero production, he was optimistic, claiming that Marvel had made a "excellent work. As far as DC is concerned, he has a more personal perspective – Johnson belongs to a mixed breed, with a Black Nova Scotian father and a Samoan mother – drawn from his upcoming role in the independent film of Shazam nasty Black Adam. One for the subject of a black Superman specifically, he finally joked, "You look at it!"You can watch the full statement below.

A precedent for a black Superman already exists in DC Comics, in the form of the Kryptonian refugee Val-Zod in version 52 of the Earth 52 game. After spending most of his life in his escape capsule, he has developed an agoraphobia and overcame it with the help of Lois Lane's Red Tornado when he was called upon to fight Kal-El, who had been revealed as a clone under the control of Darkseid for an invasion of the Earth by the forces of Apokolips. Ultimately victorious over his planetary brother's taunts, he then took over Superman's torch and began to claim the world from the invaders.

Since its inception, Superman has been widely described as being white, but such a skin tone is often perceived as a "flaw" that has little bearing on the character's identity, meaning an adaptation must be seen by a different ethnic actor. it would not change the fundamental nature of the character. Such a change has recently been observed in the CUSD reports. Aquaman, where a character historically described as a pale blond man was described by Hawaiian Jason Momoa. Having a black actor in the role of Superman would certainly be a sensation and would spark an uproar on the Internet, even bigger than any other similar announcement, as was the case recently for Halle Bailey The little Mermaid or Lashana Lynch in the next James Bond movie. The very purpose of Superman as a character, you will embody all that is good and admirable about humanity, for which a pale complexion is not specifically required, which means that any person simply having the type of presence the appropriate charisma and physical presence would be appropriate for the role. Maybe Idris Elba is not so close to the goal after all.

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Source: Variety

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