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E3 2019: Keanu Reeves sings in Cyberpunk 2077?

CD Projekt Red exploded with the E3 2019 revealing that Keanu Reeves was playing a very important role in the Cyberpunk 2077 next year. on stage at the Microsoft press conference on the E3. Later, we learned later how Reeves would visit his character, Cyberpunk's 2020 pillar, Johnny Silverhand: Reeves is the second most prolific character in the game, after Player V.

The quest designer, Pawel Sasko, explained to GameSpot Johnny's presence in the story. It's a "digital ghost" that resides in V's head, which means that it often appears to tell stories and guide you a little while you play. But Johnny is also a character in his own right. It has its own program that does not necessarily match that of V, and the way you define your relationship with it through the choices you make will affect the story as it unfolds. .

Johnny has a lot of background in Cyberpunk 2020, the paper role-playing game from which the Cyberpunk 2077 is adapted. Before he existed as an almost imaginary friend, he was a revolutionary and the singer of the Samurai group. He died in one of the collections of Cyberpunk 2020, but although he has no body shape, he still speaks and appears to V in the game.

Johnny's musical background, however, raises a critical question: Will we hear Keanu Reeves play serenade when we play Cyberpunk?

"Oh, I can not talk about it at the moment," Sasko said when our Jordan Ramée asked him the question.

But it's not as if Cyberpunk 2077 does not recognize Johnny's musical heritage everywhere. Watch how this screen capture published during E3 is loaded:

No caption provided

A guitarist playing under a big graffiti asking about Johnny? Could they be more obvious about the installation of Johnny Silverhand's music in the world? They might as well come out and release a trailer of Keanu singing right now. Like today. Like later tonight. They do not deceive anyone.

CD Projekt also invited journalists to spend time while waiting for their demo:

No caption provided

It's an approximate photo (sorry for my fault), but you can clearly see a Silverhand disc displayed here, plus an actual guitar. Johnny may have died in Cyberpunk, but the preponderance of indirect evidence that I have put together suggests that his music is alive and well in 2077. And what is music? That's right: video games.

And you do not hire freakin & # 39; Keanu "Ted & Theodore & Logan" Reeves like a cyborg singer in a group that is in the center of the franchise and just, like, do not ask him to sing, right? It would be, and I can not emphasize it too much, absolute Madness.

It would be particularly ridiculous because Keanu is a real singer! It was in a group! When he rips the aerial guitar in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, it's (probably) not acting – he knows how to play the guitar!

I want to say:

And then, there is the most blatant proof of evidence for Keanu-croonage (Krooneanu): CD Projekt dodging the question. If Reeves does not sing in Cyberpunk, would not Sasko have said it? To say that he can not talk about it means that there is something to talk about sureand Keanu sings in this game, probably for you specifically because he lives in your head: a private concert in your brain and, by extension, in your living room (or wherever your computer, I guess).

The coins add up. I call him: Keanu sings confirmed.

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