E3: Intel is confident that it will retain leadership in gaming performance on Ryzen 3000


But neither AMD nor NVIDIA remain motionless in terms of software and drivers. Intel has no room for maneuver in this area and continues to make progress in terms of hardware development.

The gantelet launched

The actual implications of the future Ryzen and Navi performance pieces, coupled with Intel's commitment to software and technologies that, in his view, are still vital to the overall user experience, allow at the company to be certain that it can still deliver superior performance to AMD, particularly in the following areas: According to Jon Carvill, vice president of Intel's technology market leadership:

So you will hear a lot about game processors this week. They may or may not come from some three-letter acronyms. That said, here's what I want to challenge you. I want to challenge you to challenge them. If they want this crown to come and beat us in the real world of the game, the real game should be the decisive criterion for evaluating the best processor in the world. I challenge you to challenge anyone who wants to compete in this crown to come and meet us in the real world. This is the extent to which we will expect.

Of course, if we want Intel to meet its own standard, there is still much to be done before we can judge the validity of Intel's trust. While comparisons between Intel Lake and Ryzen Mobile, second generation, are strong, since we will not see AMD's mobile update in a while, its comparison with desktop computers focused on the Zen series + Ryzen 2000 is a bit risky on the eve of figuration. the launch of Ryzen 3000.

As for the new processors, Intel's i9-9900KS processors will play an important role in the company's efforts to maintain its leadership in gaming, as well as in certain workflows or media streams that can not be as effective as the insane number of Ryzen and its high-end products. Threaded parts. And if the performance of this technically impressive processor can be reasonably extrapolated from its 9900K equivalent, we still have no information on the exact release date, the thermal or, more importantly, the price and availability . The i9-9900KS can easily beat everything AMD can give it in gaming, but if it costs $ 699 and is available in minute quantities, will it really matter in the real world?

In any case, we will know more soon enough. AMD is expected to unveil additional details on its new products during its speech on E3, Monday, June 10 at 15:00 Paris time. PC Perspective will be present for the event and you will be able to watch it live via AMD's YouTube and Facebook pages. AMD has already announced that the new Ryzen processors will be available from July 7th and we will be sure to follow up on Intel's answers.


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