EA Dice Details New Road Map for Battlefield V; New cards, "Weekly Experiences", game modes, etc.


Firestorm, EA Dice, unveiled three more content chapters that will be launched in 2019 as part of "Tides of War" during a preliminary event for Battlefield's Royal Battle Mode. The updates will bring new game modes, cards, "weekly experiences", etc. , send today with & # 39; Trial by Fire & # 39 ;.

Ryan MacArthur of EA Dice acknowledged in a presentation that the crucial reception of Battlefield V was mixed. He talked about the team working tirelessly to make improvements to the game since its launch. Now that they are satisfied with the technical performance and balance of the game, it's time to look to the future and enrich the base package with new content.

As part of their efforts to "live up to the promise of live service they've made (to the fans)," Dice is launching Trial by Fire today. This third chapter of the game is the most ambitious and important chapter to date.

In addition to a large number of performance adjustments and balancing, new map locations appear, such as "Invade Greece", an asymmetric war-oriented map, takes place in Crete, as well as "Mercury" . on the Mercury operation.

Later, Trial by Fire will bring a new mode called Outpost. Newly created for Tides of War, in which players will fight to control territories and collect resources.

One of the new features of Battlefield that should happen with Chapter 3 is "Weekly Experiences". There is no official name for them yet, but the idea is that Dice wants to try to create value for the game by creating new ways to experience Battlefield. We expect something similar to the challenge goals that fuel the game's game mechanics.

An example of weekly experience given to us is the codename Fortress, a seat-type experience where you attack / hold or build deep defenses.

Firestorm will also meet the duos mode in Chapter 3, as well as updates to Combined Arms, bringing a new mode of encounter, hardcore mode and two missions on Fjell.

In June, Chapter 4 will be deployed. Called Defying the Odds, it will change the experience into a more tactical and strategic game style. It is said that he moves away from the open spaces for "intimate and personal" experiences. Players can expect to travel further in Greece with two new cards, one officially called "Marita".

There will be a second map in Chapter 4 that will bring "new experiences to excite BF veterans". The details are succinct up to now, but we were told to wait for "a new image of an old friend".

Chapter 5 will be launched in the fall. Apparently, it's the biggest chapter of all the games of the moment. We did not talk much about it, except that if the focus is on the content, it's all about changing the game's meta. Dice will unveil more in the coming months, including a new theater, new ways to play and feel completely different from that of classic Battlefield.

Here is the complete breakdown:

chapter 3

  • New map – Mercury (based on Mercury operation)
  • New Fashion – Outpost (we're waiting for a little more content to come online to talk about it in more detail – we'll come back and update this thread when it's online!)
  • Combined Arms updates, bringing a new matchmaking mode, hardcore mode and two missions on Fjell
  • Introduction of Duos to Firestorm

Chapter 4

  • Introducing new CQC content – a new 5v5 mode, in specially designed arenas
  • Two new cards – one called Marita, adding to the conflict in Greece, and the second being a well-kept secret that we know our
  • Veterans of the battlefield will enjoy! (We were told that it was the codename Calamas).
  • We will have a lot to say about Chapter 4 at EA Play this summer.

Chapter 5

  • A brand new theater of war

Check out the official chart below:

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