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The long story of our scores for this legendary series.

By Dan Stapleton

With the announcement this week of the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link 's Awakening by Nintendo Switch, some of you young players may be wondering why everyone is talking about this. You see, a long time ago, in the late 80s and early 90s, our Nintendo game consoles were great games, but they rarely compare favorably to what you can play on TV . Link's Awakening, however, proved that you could live a complete experience of Legend of Zelda. This is partly explained by the fact that Zelda's top-down formula is virtually invulnerable over time. Although grayscale graphics did not match A Link to the Past on SNES, they were close enough to get the message across. .

IGN may not have existed at the time (Internet either), but thanks to virtual games and later reissues, we have recorded scores for almost all Zelda games. never been. Take a few moments to browse through our long history of Zelda scores, then weigh yourself into the poll below to let us know where you think the highlight of the series was.


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