Eagles News: Carson Wentz – The NFL's $ 200 Million First Quarterback?


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Who will be the first $ 200 million NFL quarterback? – Report of the launderer
Probability of being the first man of 200 million dollars: 20%. The Eagles will have to prorate their premiums for ceiling reasons, which means additional years of contract. So a five-year contract with an average of $ 40 million (with a lot of money stored in the future after ABC) is a real possibility. But is it worth the money? When he plays at his peak, Wentz looks more like Mahomes than Goff or Prescott, which makes him more likely to pay dividends on a colossal deal than to let the Eagles wish that they could to afford someone to protect him or catch his passes. Wentz also has the most troubling health history of the players on this list. The injury guarantee will be a major element of his next contract.

Is it a Jaguars or Bust market for Nick Foles? – BGN
This week is potentially important for Nick Foles and his future. The NFL Combine is not just a time when there is a lot of focus on future NFL draft candidates. It is also an event where league leaders and agents gather to discuss upcoming signings and free transactions with agencies. In other words, it would not be surprising that we soon heard some sort of update regarding the plans of Foles and Philadelphia Eagles for him.

Fireside Cats # 8: Kyle Crabbs of the Network Project – BGN Radio
Michael Kist is joined by Kyle Crabbs of The Draft Network to introduce TDN's new layout, his draft simulator, and create your own big-picture feature, PLUS discussions involving the NFL Combine and a breakthrough in the market!

Ranking of the 20 worst choices among the Eagles in the last 20 years – PhillyVoice
13) 2017: Donnel Pumphrey, RB, State of San Diego, 4th round: In four years at SDSU, Pumphrey has racked up 7444 yards of ridicule, making him one of the most productive pitchers in the world. NCAA history. However, at 5'8, 176 pounds, he had an extremely light build and not enough sports juice to fill that gap. Pumphrey's selection is further tainted by the fact that the 2017 NFL draft was looooaaaaded with quality halves. Even with the arid Eagles, Pumphrey has not played in a regular season game with the Eagles and will probably never have it.

For Chris Long, the climb to change the world continues – ESPN
He has not decided yet whether he will play in 2019. "I do not know, man. It all depends on the situation for me, "he said. "I never want to make headlines where it sounds like," Chris Long is not sure. "I never try to make it sound like I feel like it's important anyway that I play or care about. think that after 30 years you should always take a little time in your career to think a little bit, I think everyone should take their time.It's not just a second and third year player the league has thought about retiring, but it takes so much if you really bring it all, and you have to be a starter. "It's a bit like at the amusement park, when they fasten their seatbelts, the roller coaster goes away, you can not go out.There is no surrender.Some players might think differently, but when you are in, you are in, so I want to make sure To be in. I think most players have to do it, and I'm just honest about it. Maybe some guys do not tell the truth. But everything depends on the situation for me. I know I can still play. I think I played well, especially in the second half of this year, once I found health and I had more clichés, so we'll see.

A step-by-step season of the Eagles with Joe Banner – The Athletic
"I'm not sure the Giants or (Washington) are interested in it, but I do not think they would have traded it for any of these places. I do not think Miami is interested. I think Jacksonville might be interested, although it could go both ways because I could see them replace Blort Bortles (because his contract makes it hard to get rid of him), then hire someone and play. his best from the start. I hope to get to the rookie soon. So, I do not think there's a huge list of teams likely to line up for Nick Foles, especially at $ 20 million or $ 25 million, which he would like to cooperate with an exchange if it's a team for which he feels good. and a place where he can get a long-term contract with some financial security. So the only way for them to mark it in my mind is if they know they have a job and they think it's better than waiting for the year for the compensatory choice. I think the chances of that are maybe 25%. "

Free Organization Profile in 2019: Ronald Darby – PFF
Darby earned a general mark of 78.3 in 2017, a peak in his career, and could return to this form if his condition allowed him in 2019. He missed the last six weeks of the season and the two games of Eagles post-season with an ACL ripped last year.

Joe Ostman continues his dream of the NFL – PE.com
In the meantime, the Eagles will challenge the final defensive position. They have questions to ask in the coming weeks – the free agency waiting for Brandon Graham is at the top of the list – but Ostman will be at the rendezvous. Are you looking for a long shot? Do you like Rocky stories? Ostman is one of those, but he is here in real life, pushing for something more. And as the NFL prepares for another Scout gathering, Ostman is alone and doing what he does best: working harder than everyone else, devoting himself to pursuing the dream of his life. Ostman knows nothing will be distributed, but that suits him perfectly. We never gave him anything in this game, so why start now? It's so much better to win every step of the way.

Sleeper Alert: Mid-Term Defensive Attacks – The Draft Network
Two of these players are not very popular right now, one because of the darkness of his team, the other because of his lack of major production. Armon Watts of Arkansas did virtually nothing during his first three years as a Razorback, scoring just seven tackles and barely seeing the field. All this changed in 2019, when he broke for 49 tackles, 8.5 TFLs, seven sacks and three forced fumbles for a sad 2-10 Arkansas squad. Winning was not the problem for Trysten Hill at UCF, but going on the field was. After starting the first 26 games of his career, the junior came off the bench in all competitions except one last season as part of a heavy rotation for the Knights. Hill still had career highs in TFL (10.5), sacks (3) and tackles (36). Nothing crazy, but very punchy given its role at times.

Earl Thomas could be a bargain for his new team. Will it be the Cowboys? – Sports Illustrated
I think Thomas has a destination in mind and this team also has Thomas in the lead, provided that another important element is settled. It is interesting to think that Jerry Jones could leave with two of the top five free agents on the market (with Demarcus Lawrence). Assuring Thomas and placing him behind a defensive field including Byron Jones and Chidobe Awuzie would make Dallas the first-day favorite in the East NFC (and, to the extent possible, would increase the tremendous pressure on Jason Garrett's shoulders. to succeed). Even if Dallas falls, it should not be a complicated free agency for Thomas, even if he decides to take a veteran's summer and sign a little closer to the training camp.

Evaluation of the "Third and Long" strategy with the expected points – Football Outsiders
Defensively, Cover-1 and Cover-3 covers are used most often in the coverage of passes in the third and long period, as in other situations. Although Cover-1 surpasses Cover-3 in this context, neither a bad call. There is, however, a significant separation between coverages such as Cover-2 and Cover-4. Among the main covers, Cover-4 is the third and longest most effective diet. Cover-2 is the least effective. Play the third attempt with at least 8 yards to go against the Cover-4 result in -0.07 on average for the offense (positive result for the defense). Conversely, matches against Cover-2 generate 0.10 EPA on average for the offensive (negative result for the defense).

5 players (and a very good dog) who stood out during the 3rd week of the AAF – SB Nation
Seantavius ​​Jones, Atlanta Legends WR. The AAF has some unique rules to the emerging league (some of them should be borrowed by the NFL). One of them is that there is no kick in the side. Instead, the version of the AAF is the "in-game conversion". If a team is behind with less than five minutes in the match (or with 17 or more points behind), it can do so in turn at points four and twelve. 28 yard line. In the first two and a half weeks of the FAA, we have not seen a successful attempt yet. The Legends corrected the problem on Sunday when Matt Simms sent the ball to Jones, who made a great adjustment to return with the ball out of his own deflection. [BLG Note: This guy is actually a former Eagles player.]

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