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Earl Thomas comments on Seahawks' "simple" defensive plan

Earl Thomas, a former member of the Seattle Seahawks' security, who is now part of the Baltimore Ravens, told Baltimore media members that the defensive devices they perform are very complex compared to what he's been doing. used in Seattle, "where we were only covering-3 all the time".

It is no secret that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has always put in place a simple but effective defense system. And it's no secret that managing a cover-3 defense almost exclusively is a lot – I mean a lot – easier when you have free security in the future Hall of Fame, like Thomas, who travels on the center field to cover the ball deep.

Add to that a solid security like Kam Chancellor and a corner like Richard Sherman. One would think that Carroll could have executed almost any defensive system successfully.

However, the debate will rage forever, similar to the chicken and egg issue. Was Sherman, the Chancellor, and Thomas great because Carroll was running a system that maximized their talents, or were they always going to greatness and Carroll's simple defensive defense scheme looked better because of their size?

This is a difficult question to answer, although Carroll and his defense are under scrutiny in 2019, now that no member of the famous Legion of Boom remains on the list.

If the defense is successful with smaller players, then perhaps Carroll and his simple defense are what make this team great after all.

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