Earn free money and gold in GTA Online and Red Dead Online by activating two-step verification


Rockstar Games has announced a reward for players who activate two-step verification on their account. These players will earn money for free in GTA online and free gold bars in Red Dead online.

Announced for the first time on Rockstar's Newswire blog, this program will reward players with $ 500,000 in GTA online to enable extra security on their social club accounts. Players will also receive 10 gold bars in Red Dead Online. For players who have already activated two – step authentication on their accounts, Rockstar will reward players with the same amounts of gold and cash.

Social Club users can add a two-step check to their accounts by visiting their profile settings on the Social Club website.

Rockstar also promises rewards for players who have two-step authentication on their accounts, in both RDO and GTA online.

Recently, Rockstar Games has angered many Red Dead Online players when they updated the game and added new content that was too expensive while offering rewards for the hunt.

I guess you can use some of these gold bars to buy some of the new emotes?

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