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Ancient astronaut theorists claim that life on Earth was created from Mars. They suggest that this seeding on Earth could have even been a directed effort orchestrated by human-like beings that existed on the red planet. And conspiracy theorists argue controversially that these extraterrestrial ancestors can be found in the apocryphal texts of the Hebrew Bible, represented by the fallen angels.

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadik, founder of the Koshertorah School, told History.com: "The ancient legend of the Enoch Books taught us that a group of angels came down on Earth in violation of divine law.

"They presented humanity with the means, means and knowledge – science and technology we would not understand today.

"These angels were human-shaped and called" ישׁ ", which means" men "and looked exactly like us.

Jonathan Young, founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives, said, "The Fallen Angels were giants.

"They measured at least 10 feet, were very striking to look at and had huge eyes and no wings"

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William Henry, author of Lost Secrets of the Watchers, said, "For more than a hundred years, mythologists have been contemplating the idea that fallen angels came from Mars to Earth.

"Even Dante described this in the Paradiso – he called it the" fifth level of heaven ".

"Is it possible that these fallen angels came from Mars on Earth?"

Experts now wonder if we can reinterpret this story of Fallen Angels as beings not from heaven, but from Mars.

After examining the astronauts installed on the International Space Station, scientists speculated on the physiological challenges that future generations of humans born on Mars might face.

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And the ancient astronauts suggest that the resemblance to descriptions of fallen angels may be strange.

Sue Ann Pen, a candidate for Mars One's astronaut, said, "One of the most amazing things about the human body is its ability to adapt.

"And if you look at the astronauts who go into space, they actually grow about two or three inches.

"And when you have a human being born on Mars, what will happen is that the environment will change the structure of the human body.

"And what you will see in a few generations is that humans will be taller and leaner, because the gravity on Mars is lower than that on Earth."

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Mike Bara, author of Dark Mission: The Secret Story of NASA, said, "If humans move enough on Mars, they will grow to become bigger, they will have bigger heads and leaner limbs.

"They could have slightly larger eyes, better equipped to see in the dark, because there is less sunlight on Mars because it is further away from the sun.

"They could also look like depictions of angels and various other deity-like beings that we have talked about in the Bible and other ancient documents."

David Childress, author of Technology the Gods, said: "These attributes attributed to a person of a low gravity planet, like Mars, or in space for a long time, may well have been the attributes observed in the Fallen Angels.

"They can be tall, lean, pale and have big eyes – what we might expect from another planet like Mars."

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