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Easter Eggs of the 80s in "Stranger Things" Season 3

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Get ready to get into a time machine and go back in time with the last season of Strange things. The locals of Hawkins, Indiana, are gearing up for the summer of their lives in 1985. That means of course that they'll do everything with the references of the 80s and they will not have to go back. Have certainly not disappointed. Although we have already seen a few, new characters and our old favorites have come together to remind us of the history of the 1980s, while trying to fight the crazy monsters that invaded their city. So sit back, grab your darling and New Coke, and get ready to go down this crazy rabbit hole with 80s references. These are all the fun 1980s Easter eggs in season 3 of Strange things

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Phoebe Cates

If you saw Fast Times at Ridgemont High, so you know exactly who Phoebe Cates is. She became everyone's crush when she played in the hit movie in 1982 as Linda Barrett.

Ralph Macchio

When El and Max got together during their slumber party, Max revealed one of his celebrities that made him crack when they talked about Ralph Macchio. the Karate Kid The star became a huge hit after the release of the movie and became the ultimate teenage heart.

Dungeons and Dragons

It is not surprising to see the hit game back in the series. While the rest of the boys were a fool and did not want to play in his campaign, Will the Wise proved to them that all D & D is still fun, even now that they are older.

Starcourt Mall

The Starcourt Mall was filled with tons of fun shops, some of which do not even exist anymore. Moreover, even current favorites like Gap have been transformed into themselves.

New Coca

Yes, Coke had a "new" version and you can get it now. It was published in April 1985, the exact year of the current season of Strange things takes place in, and the fans really polarized. Many people have been upset to see the new version after replacing the old one. Some even thought it was Pepsi's taste. After so many reactions, they ended up reporting the original version and getting rid of New Coke until they reported it for a limited time with the creation of Strange things 3.

Never ending Story

The finale shocked some viewers when Suzie and Dustin started singing. The melody comes from the cult-classic film of 1984, The never-ending story. The film was so successful that they turned it into a trilogy series. Fans are not the only ones to have enjoyed the scene so much, even Millie Bobby Brown has loved it and has launched a new dance challenge around the stage.

The Planck constant

It was an amazing moment to see Suzie relay the numbers from Plank's constant to the rest of the team as she was trying to get the keys to close the portal. However, do not try to impress scientists by learning the figure that she gave in the show. While it was just in the 80s, the number has since been updated and is now 6.62607004 from 2017.

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