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Edwin Encarnacion can not launch, but it's still a Yankees winning move

CHICAGO – Can Edwin Encarnacion launch?

I laugh, I laugh. And you'd better make fun of yourself if you ask the same question.

Of course, the surprise acquisition by the Yankees of the leader of the American League Encarnacion Mariners does not solve their initial rotation problems, like a well-deserved 8-4 win over the White Sox on Saturday night at Guaranteed Rate Field (the worst brand name of all time) did not put an end to their overall malaise – although it put them back on top of the American League thanks to the Rays' 5-3 defeat against Angels.

But if this market is not ready to take off – and as the Yankees have failed in their pursuit of Dallas Keuchel – you will improve day by day.

And the addition of Encarnacion, which will essentially replace Brett Gardner in the starting lineup, once Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton return from the injury list next week (with the exception of setbacks), will make the Yankees better. .

"There is always room for good players," said Aaron Boone, smiling, who could not discuss the trade specifically because the Yankees had not announced it yet; they announced it after the return of the team to his hotel.

Many teams and fans prefer to win by playing baseball. Nevertheless, if your staff does not allow such a style, the clubbing must do the trick. And with the scheduled imports in their lineup, which has more than met its goals even though Judge and Stanton were absent for most of the campaign, the Yankees will be well positioned for major bludgeoning.

In the presence of the designated first baseman, Encarnacion, Stanton, currently rehabilitated with the Judge for Triple A Scranton / Wilkes-Barre in Durham, Nc, must play more often on the left court, which will the defense of the team. Gardner, 35, can replace Stanton late in the Yankees' playoffs, but he can offer added value as a pinch runner, occasionally against the club's right hand and sage.

And just as the return of Didi Gregorius from the wounded list allowed Boone to propose different variants, making DJ LeMahieu a rover, the arrival of Encarnacion will expand these possibilities. With two big bats (Encarnacion and Luke Voit) who are the most comfortable in defense on first base, LeMahieu can spend more time on third base if Gio Urshela's calm month of June announces the end of his honeymoon, and Urshela can become a trusted guy. Everyone – including the busy judge and Stanton, and 36-year-old Encarnacion – can enjoy more days off while the Yankees take on the NBA's lead role in "load management". ".

Meanwhile, Clint Frazier should have a real Boone encouragement speech, which should congratulate the young man for the way he plays and behaves since the collapse of the latter and urges him to maintain this approach to Scranton, with the understanding that injuries got him this extended league major opportunity and more injuries (or being traded for a pitcher, although this should not be mentioned) are inevitable.

To deplore this acquisition of the Yankees is to complain about buying an apple when you need protein most. The apple will still help you through your hungry moment. And although Encarnacion will cost the Yankees about $ 4 million, his relocation will not stop the team from adding weapons.

"In my opinion, he is a professional and he will behave well, and I know that he will be delighted to come here," said Yankees pitcher JA Happ, teammate of the Encarnacion Blue Jays 2012- 2014 and again in 2016. "He does not say much, but he works hard and he is prepared."

If you want to lament the fact that the Yankees should have stocked their pitchers cupboard more skilfully for the last season, or pretend that they should have stretched their budget for Keuchel, go to town. It's your constitutional right to do it. These are sensitive complaints.

Emot on Edwin, though? It's just illogical. Do not do it. Instead, take advantage of the laser-show intermission and hope that the reinforcements of the weapons arrive sooner than later.

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