Egnyte, a cloud storage company, explains why it is betting on Microsoft Azure


Collaboration and cloud storage company Egnyte has signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Microsoft Azure cloud, because Microsoft is "the best partner that exists," said Egnyte's CEO and co-founder, Vineet Jain .

As part of this partnership, announced Thursday, Egnyte, a rival of Box and Dropbox for business customers, will transfer much of its services to the Microsoft Azure cloud, and the two companies will develop common product strategies.

Jain said the partnership was perfect because most of his customers are already using Microsoft Office, where Egnyte is already integrated.

"I find that Microsoft, from the business point of view – and that's what we're working on – is probably the best partner that exists," Jain told Business Insider. "We have both gained by offering an integrated solution, we are very optimistic about the potential of Egnyte and Microsoft, and it's a good start."

Egnyte essentially helps customers choose where to store their files, whether in the cloud or on their own servers. Once these files are stored, Egnyte offers security and access controls that may interest the IT department.

Egnyte always helps customers store data in other clouds, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. However, Jain considers Microsoft the "best partner" among the three, despite being ranked second on AWS in the broader market, and recommends Microsoft Azure to its customers as its preferred cloud storage system.

"We do not see this level of integration or marketing programs put in place by Amazon," said Jain. "Microsoft is much more hungry, they really want to bridge the gap between them and Amazon."

Previously, Egnyte was focused on Google Cloud – and, in fact, had taken investment capital from the investment company GV, when it was still known as Google Ventures. But two years ago, Egnyte decided to focus on Azure as a storage partner because he is "dominant in the business," says Jain. Jain explains that Microsoft is helping customers not only sell cloud services, but also migrate to the cloud.

In addition, Jain explains that Egnyte appreciated the fact that Microsoft provides a hybrid cloud service, according to which companies keep some of their data on their own servers, and others in the public cloud. Some companies still have to keep some of their workload on data centers because of regulatory issues.

Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services have also announced hybrid cloud services, but they are not yet generally available to the public, making Microsoft the de facto leader in the field.

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In October alone, Egnyte closed $ 75 million of Goldman Sachs.


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