Elder Scrolls: Tips and Tricks for Blades – From Beginner to Champion

Tips and tricks of Elder Scrolls Blades Featured

The last entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise is finally ahead, and it's quite different from the rest of the series. Elder Scrolls: The blades press Tamriel into the palm of your hand, giving you the mission to restore your hometown to its former glory.

Unfortunately, the game does not have a lot of tutorial or clue system. To help novice adventurers, we've put together a list of tips and tricks Elder Scrolls: Blades, covering everything from fighting to choosing skills. Pay special attention if you do not want your adventure to be interrupted by a knee arrow.

Swipe in combat for huge combo damage

Although the combat system in Elder Scrolls: Blades is simple, it can be frustrating due to the lack of a deep combat tutorial. The game will let you down in the thick of things without telling you how to defend yourself against all the skeletons, goblins and necromancers that are on your way.

The fight follows the same pattern against each enemy. Wait until they buckle their swing, then block. Land a few hits or spells while the enemy is knocked out. Repeat.

The main thing that will improve your combat effectiveness dramatically is sweeping. Rather than typing and releasing to attack, sweep in any direction as the circle fills up without removing your finger. It works particularly well in portrait mode. Continue dragging to perform a combo attack that deals additional damage. Once the time is up, you can get successive critical hits by sweeping as the circle fills.

Do not specialize in one type of damage

In most games, specialization in one type of weapon or magic will reinforce your attacks, but in Elder Scrolls: Blade enemies are weak against different types of damage. This extends to both elemental damage caused by spells and physical damage caused by weapons.

Trade your weapons and spells in combat to exploit your enemy's weaknesses

For example, most humanoid enemies are weak to poisons and goblins are generally weak with weapons (clubs, hammers, etc.). If you have some types of weapons on hand, you can trade them in combat to shoot them even faster.

Likewise with the elemental damage caused by the spells. Trolls and wights can be tough opponents, but hit them with a fire spell and they will burn quickly. Opening the menu and changing available spells is a great way to defeat these opponents.

Elder Scrolls Blades Tips and Tricks enchantment health

Invest in equipment that restores health

Elder Scrolls game objects can include all kinds of enchantments, and Blades is no exception. Switching from steel armor to a silver or orc armor can enhance the value of your armor, but hurt you in combat. What you really need is health and health.

If you manage to find armor with a health enchantment, hang on it. If it's a higher level, enchant with regenerated health, even better. This will improve all the weapons or skills that restore health, allowing you to maintain your health to the maximum without spamming health potions.

Once you have unlocked the tower of the enchanter, you can start to enchant your equipment. Be sure to enchant all the equipment you plan to use, focusing on health and health bonuses. Bonus enchantments are random, so it's good to enchant multiple copies of the same piece of armor until you get one that you like.

Elder Scrolls Blades tips and tricks best skills

Prioritize skills that restore health

Just like the health restoration equipment mentioned above, many skills can also help you survive. It is essential to place skill points in these items in order to continue playing in the game without spending real money on store items.

Absorb, Adrenaline Dodge and Healing Surge are essential spells for survival.

The key skills here are Absorb, which converts damage into healing, and Adrenaline Dodge, which escapes attacks and heals you. Both of these skills are available early, so you need to get them back as soon as possible. Choosing an Argonian or Imperial character will also give a passive boost to these skills.

Once you reach level 23, you unlock the next great regeneration skill, Healing Surge. This gives a passive health boost when your stamina is high. Against lower level enemies, it often means that you can regenerate all the damage done. In combination with other regeneration skills and equipment, you should not have a large stock of potions for health at all.

Get your free daily item in the shop

Opening the shop is probably the last thing that free-to-play players think about, but it certainly should not be ignored. This is because it contains a useful gift every day. Free!

This can range from a few brass instruments to a rare Renaissance parchment, so be sure to check every day and collect it. Elder Scrolls: Blades is not particularly generous with handouts, so take what you can get.

Keep an eye on your surroundings

The exploration has been greatly reduced in Elder Scrolls: Blades, but paying attention to your environment can still pay off. In addition to enemies and other NPCs, each level is littered with apples and pieces of meat that restore some health at the expense of dignity.

Quest descriptions indicate the number of secret areas to find.

In addition, wooden and silver chests are often stored in hidden corners. Do not always blindly follow the clairvoyance indicator and go off the beaten path (unless the inventory of your chest is full).

Some quests also have secret areas with money vaults or better. To find out if each level has a secret domain, see the description of the quest. It will show the number of secret areas to discover. If there is one, be on the lookout for a string or a glowing light fixture.

Elder Scrolls Blades tips and tricks silver chest

Manage your trunk inventory effectively

One of the main ways to progress in Elder Scrolls: Blades is to improve your city. To do this, you will have to open tons of chests. There are four types of chests available (free) and each takes a different time to open.

Wooden chest

  • Minor booty and common objects
  • Take 5 seconds to open
  • Costs 1 gem to open instantly

Money chest

  • Decent booty, rare and common objects
  • Take 1 hour to open
  • You have to open 36 gems instantly

Golden chest

  • Lots of loot and several rare items
  • Takes 6 hours to open
  • You have to open 72 gems instantly

The breasts of the elders

  • Tons of loot and many rare items
  • Takes 12 hours to open
  • Immediate opening of 144 gems

To earn chests, simply launch quests and jobs. The quests usually list the type of chests that they reward, but jobs can give anything, money to a rare senior chest. Make sure you always unlock a trunk and do not miss any of them by filling your chests inventory!

Previously, the silver chests were a huge bottleneck because they took three hours to open. Bethesda solved the problem a few weeks after his release and the chest system is now much easier to handle. However, you may want to consider expanding your vault inventory one or two times for added security.

Change your appearance and your race

This Elder Scrolls: Blades tip has nothing to do with the game, but it can affect your character's stats. As in other Elder Scrolls games, Blades offers a number of races, each with special features and bonuses. For example, magic is best for black elves and high elves, while the Argonians do more damage with daggers and other light weapons.

Choosing your breed may seem like an important decision, but the game allows you to change your mind. Find the NPC named Theodor Gorlash near the city gates and talk to him. One of the conversation options is to change your appearance and your race.

Do not forget that this option is not available forever. After progressing in the game, the NPC will disappear, so make sure you are happy with your appearance and bonuses before moving too far.

Elder Scrolls Blades tips and tricks gems

How to get more gems

Elder Scrolls allows you to earn more gems: Blades that do not involve opening your wallet. The first is to simply open the chests, which can give some gems, depending on the rarity of the chest.

The other is to defeat enemies during work or quests. Enemies will often drop a jewel once defeated, next to gold and sometimes objects. The rate of fall is not extraordinary, but considering the number of enemies, you should be able to get some gems at each exit.

As for spending these treasures, you will find that the options are not lacking. Increasing your stock once or twice is a solid investment, and speeding up the opening of chests is relatively inexpensive. Do not expect to ever be able to buy legendary weapons in the store without spending real money.

Elder Scrolls Blades tips and tricks grinding

Grind the levels

Chests are the primary means of obtaining resources, but their content depends on the level of your character.

Defeat enemies and complete quests will give you experience, which will allow you to gain levels similar to any other game or RPG Elder Scrolls. You will also gain a small amount of health and magicka / stamina, as well as a skill point or two.

As you gain levels, the quality of the trunk equipment also improves. This does not mean that you should keep your chests of gold and elders or anything (although you can do this if your current gear is excellent), but it also means that you can accomplish some additional tasks, even without picking them up. the long term.

Stop the game for a moment

This may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes the best way to progress in Elder Scrolls: Blades is simply to stop playing. Given the long timekeeping and the huge amount of chests you accumulate when performing tasks or quests, at some point, playing more will not make much progress.

Elder Scrolls: The slides were not designed to be played several hours a day

It goes like this: to get better equipment and to enchant, you have to upgrade your buildings. To improve buildings, you need resources (mainly copper). To get copper, you have to open the chests. To open the chests, you have to wait.

Remember to let the game play for a day or two and simply log in to open the chests. It's annoying, but it's also the way the game was designed. You can still spend gems to speed things up, but given the number of great mobile games available, you should not have a hard time finding time.

That's it for our list of tips and tricks Elder Scrolls: Blades. Have we forgotten hot tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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