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Election 2020: Trump campaign says it will send several pollsters after a leak

CNN and other media first reported the numbers – which showed Trump trailed behind Joe Biden in states like Michigan and Wisconsin – a few weeks ago, but a purge of the survey team was proposed after that Trump was angry after covering the numbers. Campaigners were disappointed by the detailed figures of four of the 17 polled states, like ABC, released last week.

Michael Baselice, President and CEO of Baselice & Associates Inc., is one of the pollsters that the Trump campaign has released, CNN told an informed Republican. Baselice, based in Austin, Texas, joined the Trump campaign towards the end of the 2016 election cycle and was close to Trump's 2020 campaign director, Brad Parscale, the official said. Adam Geller, who was also the pollster for the Trump campaign in 2016, has also been sidelined, according to another Republican who is familiar with the situation.

A person familiar with the purge stated that the layoffs were less about the accuracy of the ballot than about appeasing the president.

Two officials familiar with the discussions said the top two pollsters, Tony Fabrizio and John McLaughlin, should stay.

NBC News first reported on the campaign's decision to oust some investigators.

Internal polls became a hot topic this week after Trump exploded with several campaigners, telling them that the figures they had were incorrect and did not accurately reflect the way he polled the country, told CNN a person aware of his reaction. He has become obsessed with numbers in recent days, asking for regular updates or new polls.

"This is an incorrect poll," Trump told Fox News during an interview Friday. "Yes, it's incorrect."

In turn, campaigners have spent the past few days refuting the numbers, saying they were old or incomplete. However, when the numbers were reported for the first time, the campaign minimized them without denying them.

One lamented that the campaign was more flight-focused than the disappointing numbers of the president in the main battlefield states.

Trump is preparing to run for reelection in Orlando on Tuesday night.

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