Elizabeth Olsen Teases Something Exciting Coming To WandaVision



Photo: Disney +

The following may contain spoilers for Disney + WandaVision. We do not know yet.

First link with the Marvel Cinematic Universe of Disney +, WandaVision, has quickly gone from a bizarre sitcom parody to a true superhero story, and star Elizabeth Olsen – the Wanda half of that weird title – is teasing big, exciting things that are yet to come. TVLine, inspired by Mark Hamill’s Aged Digital Appearance in the season finale of The Mandalorian, recently spoke with Olsen and decided to get right to the point and ask her if there was anything comparable (especially “a cast that she can’t believe hasn’t been disclosed yet”) coming up in her program. Olsen, who is either very confident or doesn’t care about managing expectations, responded with a simple “yes”. TVLine said she then laughed and added, “I’m really excited.”

That’s all we need, but it sure sounds intriguing. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t appear that Olsen specifically said there was an exciting surprise character showing up, so it’s not necessarily exactly like Luke Skywalker on The Mandalorian, but that’s the kind of thing the MCU is already pretty good at. If we believe she is talking about an unexpected character who passes for a visit, who will it be? Doctor Strange would be an easy choice, since Wanda will be in his next movie, but it wouldn’t be as exciting as Luke Skywalker’s appearance. Aaron Taylor-Johnson appearing as Wanda’s dead brother Pietro / Quicksilver would be wild, but the internet seems pretty confident that this will in fact be Evan Peters’ version of Fox’s Quicksilver. X Men movies that will make an appearance – making some kind of connection with this series and the MCU now that they’re all under Disney’s roof.

Then again, if people expect Evan Peters’ Quicksilver to be on WandaVision, would it really be a thrilling revelation tied with Luke Skywalker on The Mandalorian? Is there something that could, now that we know how to expect something? Wanda is (kinda sometimes) Magneto’s daughter in the comics, so maybe Michael Fassbender could come? We don’t know, but just thinking about it and throwing around ideas like this might mess it up or create unfairly high expectations, so really it was a little mean for Olsen to bring this up first. location.

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