Elizabeth Warren calls for Trump's removal from office


reSenator Elizabeth Warren, d-Mass., A member of the White House, reiterated her call to remove President Trump during an election campaign in New Hampshire on Saturday, claiming that the Mueller report showed him the same. Trump's intention to prevent justice.

"I know people say that it's politically charged and that we should not go there, and that there are upcoming elections, but there are things that are more important than politics. Warren told a crowd Saturday morning at Keene College, New Hampshire. .

"We can not be an America that says it's okay that a US president is trying to block an investigation into a foreign attack on our country or an investigation into his own faulty conduct on the part of this President – I therefore invited the Chamber to initiate the dismissal procedure. "

The Massachusetts legislature first called for dismissal Friday, a day after the publication of the redacted version of the Mueller report.

"The Mueller Report exposes facts showing that a hostile foreign government has attacked our 2016 election to help Donald Trump and Donald Trump to welcome this help.Once elected, Donald Trump obstructed the election." investigate this attack, "Warren launched in a series of tweets.

"Mueller entrusted the next step to Congress:" Congress has the power to prohibit the corrupt use by a president of his authority to protect the integrity of the administration of justice . "The proper process for the exercise of this power is the indictment."

Mueller's investigation identified 10 episodes that could be considered a potential hindrance to justice, but recommended no further charges, thus allowing the Department of Justice to determine itself.

At the press conference of Attorney General William Barr on Thursday morning, Barr stated that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein disagreed with some of the legal frameworks used by the Attorney's team. Robert Mueller special about a possible obstruction of justice. does not constitute an obstruction of law. "

"When evaluating the president's actions discussed in the report, it's important to keep the context in mind," Barr said. "President Trump has faced an unprecedented situation. As he was taking office and seeking to fulfill his responsibilities as President, federal agents and prosecutors were reviewing his conduct before and after taking office, as well as the conduct of some of his duties. employees. At the same time, the media has relentlessly speculated on the president's personal guilt. "

"Regardless of the fact that the acts were troublesome, this evidence of grounds for corruption weighs heavily on any allegation that the President had intended to obstruct the investigation," Barr said.

According to the last average RealClearPolitics poll, Warren is in sixth place with 6% of the vote. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who is expected to announce his candidacy for the presidency next week, is leading the pack with 30% of the vote, ahead of second Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., De 7, 5 percentage points.

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