Elon Musk makes incredible claims on the longevity of Tesla Model 3 and will propose the replacement of the battery module

Elon Musk has made some pretty incredible statements about the longevity of the Tesla Model 3. The CEO now says that the bodywork and power unit of a Model 3 can last up to 1 million kilometers while that the battery can last up to 500 000 km. replacement modules will be made available.

There has been a lot of talk about the potential longevity of Tesla vehicles.

As the company is still relatively young for a car manufacturer, we have a limited set of data to assess the longevity of Tesla's vehicles.

The first data on the degradation of the Tesla battery shows a reduction in energy capacity of less than 10% after more than 160,000 km, but that's about all we have.

Today, CEO Elon Musk said that they had built the Model 3 to last as long as a utility truck, over a million kilometers, and that the battery modules would last between 300 and 000 and 500,000 miles:

Musk claimed that the value of Model 3 was used in an autonomous fleet.

Yesterday, we reported about Musk that Tesla vehicles "now appreciate the assets" because of their ability to drive independently.

What he meant was that the vehicles would become revenue-generating assets as they integrated this autonomous fleet, dubbed the "Tesla Network".

The value of model 3 on the Tesla network would depend on the number of kilometers it can devote to it. Musk now claims that the number of kilometers traveled for the entire car could reach 1 million kilometers, provided it replaces between 2 or 3 battery modules. .

Musk says Tesla would not replace a full battery, but will offer battery module replacements between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000.

Tesla specifically designed Model 3 to focus on replacing battery modules instead of changing the entire battery pack.

Unlike the Model S and Model X battery pack architecture, which is made up of numerous battery modules (up to 16), the Model 3 battery pack architecture consists of only drums.

This allows Tesla to exchange battery modules as needed instead of replacing the entire package with the BMS and all other related electronics.

Electrek's Take

I think that's probably on the optimistic side of the spectrum, but I do not think it's impossible.

With a value of $ 1 per mile, we are talking about a potential revenue of at least $ 300,000 before eventually having to replace the battery modules.

For a vehicle of about $ 45,000 (model 3 with DSE now, but the price will increase over time) and with a relatively low cost of ownership, this proposal could be very cost-effective, but there are many things that need to be done for this is possible. even become a possibility.

Separately, Elon could give us a good idea of ​​Tesla's battery cost position.

Assuming that "5,000 to 7,000 USD" for the battery modules represents the cost of the Standard Range Plus and Long Range battery modules, this would cost about 100 USD per kWh at the battery module level, which is logical, in my opinion.

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