Elon Musk mocks Biden for ignoring his company’s historic space flight


Elon muskElon Reeve MuskInspiration4 and the Quest to Cure Childhood Cancer SpaceX’s fully civilian crew returns to Earth, successfully completing the 3-day SpaceX mission sending the first fully civilian crew into orbit MORE took to social media on Sunday to mock the president Joe bidenJoe BidenCapitol’s fencing begins to drop after ‘Justice for J6′ rally Senate MP rejects Democrats’ immigration plan Biden pushes Democrats back on taxes MORE for not commenting on the historic space flight of his company SpaceX.

“The President of the United States even refused to recognize the 4 new American astronauts who helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for St. Jude,” one user asked. on Twitter. “What’s your theory on reason?” “

Musk responded, “He’s still sleeping.”

The Hill has contacted the White House for comment.

On Wednesday, SpaceX launched the first fully civilian crew into orbit from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on the Crew Dragon spacecraft. The crew included Chris Sembroski, an engineer from Lockheed Martin; Jared Isaacman, billionaire leading the mission; Sian Proctor, a University professor from Phoenix; and Hayley Arceneaux, pediatric cancer survivor and current medical assistant.

During the three-day space mission, SpaceX advised that “the @ Inspiration4x crew will conduct scientific research designed to advance human health on Earth and in future long-duration space flights.”

The Crew Dragon spaceship landed successfully back on Earth off the coast of Florida on Saturday.

The mission also aimed to raise $ 200 million for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where Arceneaux has already received treatment. The Inspiration4 mission had raised $ 160.2 million when the crew returned on Saturday, and Musk pledged an additional $ 50 million donation, bringing the total to $ 210 million.

Although Biden and the White House have not commented on the historic theft, other high-profile agencies, businesses and officials have.

“Welcome, # Inspiration4! ” NASA tweeted Saturday. “The first fully private orbital spaceflight mission has been launched, which is another commercial achievement in our long-standing vision of making @NASAKennedy a multi-user spaceport. “

“Congratulations, # Inspiration4! “Tweeted the former US senator and NASA administrator. Bill Nelson. “With today’s water landing, you have helped demonstrate that low earth orbit is open for business. “

Even Jeff Bezos, the former Amazon CEO and founder of rival space company Blue Origin, publicly celebrated the launch.

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