Elon Musk mocks President Biden with ‘sleeping’ tweet after SpaceX mission ends


Business mogul and CEO Elon Musk threw a blow at President Joe Biden on Sunday, the day after his private spaceflight, SpaceX, completed a landmark mission as the first fully civilian flight crew.

Musk responded on Twitter to a user who asked about Biden. The follower commented, “The President of the United States even refused to recognize the 4 new American astronauts who helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for St. Jude. What’s your theory on reason?”

Musk’s short response was barely subtle. “He’s still sleeping,” he tweeted back.

Biden’s lack of support came after NASA officials and even Musk rival Jeff Bezos all praised SpaceX, which safely brought its Crew Dragon spacecraft back from orbit on Saturday. It was carrying four members of the Inspiration4 mission – the first-ever non-professional astronaut crew – to Earth after spending three days in space.

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Musk has helped raise over $ 200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through this effort. Along with the fully civilian crew, the mission also featured the first black woman to serve as a spacecraft pilot, the youngest American to become an astronaut to date, and the first person to fly into space with a prosthesis.

Musk’s “still asleep” mockup of Biden reflects the taunts of former President Donald Trump, who often referred to Biden as “sleepy Joe” during the 2020 presidential campaign. Tesla CEO has pledged in the past to “stay out of politics” and SpaceX has maintained a strong relationship with the federal government, having recently won a $ 2.89 billion contract to build NASA’s next manned lunar lander.

Prior to Biden taking office, however, SpaceX was investigated by the Justice Department over charges of discriminating against job seekers based on the status of citizenship.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Elon Musk mocks Biden about SpaceX mission with “sleep” tweet

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