Elon Musk says Tesla's self-driving technology is "way ahead of everyone"

How does Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, compare the autonomous driving systems still under development to the competition of Waymo, Cruise automation etc? Easy. He believes his company is "well ahead of everyone else".

This quote comes from Musk's recent appearance on Lex Friedman's artificial intelligence podcast, where Musk tackled topics ranging from how long longer people will have to keep their hands on the wheel ("In six months at least ") what question would you ask from a truly sensitive artificial agent (" What's out of the simulation? ").

But the focus of the conversation was on Tesla's pursuit of autonomous vehicles. Tesla has long been offering a $ 5,000 "full auto-driving capability" package for its vehicles, allowing it to access an eventual software update allowing the company's cars to drive themselves. same.

Musk reiterated this promise by stating, "The material being produced is capable of operating autonomously." However, the autonomy will not be overnight: you will return home from work one day and the next morning, after a small action live, enjoy a fully automated journey. "As we refine the software, the functionality will increase dramatically, then the reliability will increase dramatically, and it will then be approved by the regulators."

This is where Musk's position took an interesting turn. Musk thinks that autonomy will make a car a lot more valuable, maybe five times more that a normal machine, with human propulsion. His conclusion? "If you buy a Tesla today, I think you're buying a growing asset, not an asset losing momentum."

Apart from a few rare useful collection machines and apparently all the Porsche of more than 20 years, few cars end up taking value. And very few manufacturers would be daring enough to make a promise of their new cars.

But back to autonomy, when will cars start driving themselves? Musk thinks you need to keep your hands on the wheel for "at least six months," raising the question, "How safe should the autopilot be before you can watch the car?"

Musk's basic thesis is: once the autopilot has become a lot safer (maybe 200%, he notes), letting a human take control becomes risky behavior. It refers to the beginnings of lifts, where a human pilot manually instructed them to move up or down with a lever.

Now, Musk says, "Nobody wants a lift operator because the automated elevator that stops at floors is much safer."

And what about the competition developing its own autonomous driving technologies? "For me, right now, it seems like a game, a game and a match, I do not want to be too confident or confident, but it's literally as it appears now. but it seems that this is the case of Tesla is well ahead of everyone else. "

With competitors like Waymo racking up real world miles for its self-driving systems, it's an extremely confident statement to make. As always, the proof will be in the pudding.

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