Elon Musk: Tesla Still Hopes To Build A Retro Restaurant In The New Santa Monica Supercharger Station

Tesla is apparently still planning to build a 1950s-style restaurant at a new Santa Monica Supercharger station.

In 2018, Elon Musk said Tesla was planning to open an “old-school drive-in, roller skates and rock restaurant at one of Tesla Supercharger’s new locations in Los Angeles.”

It was yet another “Is he kidding?” sort of an idea from Elon Musk, but he apparently wasn’t kidding.

A few months later, Tesla did apply for building permits for “a restaurant and a supercharger station” in Santa Monica.

The project lay inactive for about three years until new construction applications were submitted last month.

But those new plans didn’t include a restaurant, although it did include what would become one of the world’s largest supercharging stations.

Now, in response to the current Supercharger station in Santa Monica experiencing wait times, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the restaurant is still in the plans:

A major new Supercharger station coming soon to Santa Monica! Hoping to have a 50s dinner and the top 100 music videos to play too. Thank you, the city of Santa Monica!

The project has encountered some issues in the approval process with the city, but Musk’s comment seems to confirm he’s moving forward.

Last month, the plan showed 62 Supercharger booths, solar awnings and some equipment.

On its Supercharger card, Tesla says it aims to open the Supercharger station in the third quarter of 2021 and would add charging capacity that is welcome in the region.

Tesla’s 1950s Dinner

In recent years, Tesla has tried to add more anemities to its supercharging stations.

It includes lounges and small cafes.

A dinner would be a first step and a more extreme step for Tesla, who has no experience running restaurants, but the automaker may be looking to partner with another company for the project.

In previous comments, Musk has spoken about Tesla having a retro-style burger with waiters on roller skates serving people in their cars as they charge.

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