Elon Musk’s Tesla Battery Day updates show we have no idea what’s to come

Tesla’s Battery Day is less than a month away and there is no shortage of speculation on what could be revealed at the event. Numerous attempts to uncover subliminal messages in Tesla announcements and other related discussion topics have been rejected by CEO Elon Musk, relatively confirming that as a community we have no idea what will take place on September 22.

Battery Day is arguably Tesla’s most anticipated event due to its importance to the company’s future development. Not only could Tesla revolutionize how electric cars work, it could reveal the company’s plans to achieve price parity with gasoline vehicles. What happens on September 22 will be huge, and the EV community as a whole will follow.

Initially, several members of the EV community discovered that Amprius Technologies’ headquarters is located directly across from the Tesla Kato Road facility in Fremont, California. In reality, CleanTechnica even revealed that there could be a connection between Tesla and Amprius in an August 26 article.

There was ample evidence that Tesla could use Amprius Technologies’ silicon nanowire technology for its new cell developments.

However, Musk immediately dismissed any speculation about the two related companies.

To fuel the fire, Tesla also released a cryptic background for its Battery Day and Shareholder Meeting live stream page, which has left many interested in what the design might mean.

For example, Electrek reported that doing a simple reverse search of the image on Google revealed that it also had a design similar to silicon nanowires, which would also connect Tesla to Amprius.

While the EV community was taken aback by the Battery Day and Shareholder design, Musk ultimately provided an update to the image.

“We were too obtuse for our own good, although I think it works aesthetically,” Musk said in a Tweet in response to a request from @WholeMarsBlog. “These are current collectors folded up / down the cell, which is important, but I don’t want to jump the gun on September 22,” he added.

Current collectors are essential for improving the electrochemical performance of a lithium-ion battery cell. Usually made of aluminum or copper foils, the collectors are attached to binders which do not reach their optimum capacity. However, an article by Yuan Yue and Hong Liang states that when these collectors are damaged by discharge-induced detachment from the cast layer, deterioration of structural integrity occurs. This damage is usually the product of prolonged charge cycles and can affect the life of a cell.

It’s unclear if this has anything to do with what Tesla will unveil at its Battery Day event. However, speculating on what might happen is a good thing, as it allows members of the community to work together to try to decipher what might happen.

In the meantime, all attempts to unravel Tesla’s plan have been foiled by Musk, indicating that no one really has any idea what the company has in store for the future of EVs and storage systems. of energy.

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