Elway shares her feelings about Kubiak's divorce, "happy" with new staff


INDIANAPOLIS – Gary Kubiak left the Denver Broncos more than a month ago, but the Mile High City is still talking about him. In addition it should.

After all, Kubiak's fingerprints feature in all three Denver World Championships, just like John Elway& # 39; s The Broncos country will take some time to overcome losing the last coach for this city to receive a Lombardi Trophy.

Last week we heard Kubiak public speaking for the first time since his decision to leave Denver and join the Minnesota Vikings as an offensive advisor / assistant head coach. But Wednesday, we heard Elway's version of what led to the divorce, or at least what he thought about it now.

"Gary and I have been together for a very long time and I have a lot of respect for Gary. We will always have and we will always be great friends, "said Elway from the podium at the NFL 2019 Scout Combined." But it was just a situation where it had not worked out between us, and I wish him the best of luck. in Minnesota, I'm sure they'll be very successful up there, but I'm also happy with how everything worked for us. "

The way he fell for Denver is not just hiring Vic Fangio head coach, but also Rich Scangarello as offensive coordinator and Mike Munchak as an O-line coach, who all went to Indianapolis this week to meet potential candidates. According to rumor, despite Fangio's initial interest in recruiting Kubiak as an OC, the two legendary coaches have failed to hear because of requests from his staff .

Kubiak wanted to hire Rick Dennison coach the line and Brian Pariani to lead tight ends, but Fangio had other plans, or so the buzz goes. Moreover, after what was said three years ago, when Kubiak resigned from his position as head coach of Broncos, Dennison and Pariani were two of the assistants that Elway wanted to see fired by Kubiak at the end of the 2016 season.

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I can not imagine that Elway suddenly changes heart for one of the assistants and marks his return to Denver, simply because Kubiak suddenly had the urge to return to training. No, the Broncos left Kubiak and his close aides, as well as Kubiak.

The Vikings hired Dennison as a game coordinator and Pariani as a team coach, so Minnesota has no problem complying with Kubiak's demands. Kevin Stefanski will be the Minnesota OC, with Kubiak at the top as offensive czar. L & # 39; s head coach Mike Zimmer I can not be happier with this arrangement and the way Kubiak has worked so far.

"Yes, well, first of all, I attended meetings every day and I was so impressed by the way the communication unfolds, by the way Gary talks about it." Zimmer said Thursday at the Combine. "It's almost romantic for me – there's something healthy for you – that I can sit here and here about Bill Walsh and this offense, and how it has evolved. Mike Shanahan, And so on. For me, as a footballer, all these things are exceptional: how it happened, how it happened, how it worked in this particular situation, and how it was organized. I could not be happier with the evolution of the situation. "

Meanwhile, Vic Fangio is delighted to reach Rich Scangarello as an OC in Denver. Scangarello is a coordinator for the first time, but he is a veteran of training and a new school whisperer.

"I appreciate his offensive past, number one," Fangio said on Wednesday at the Combined. "I like the fact that he has a nice trajectory to get where he is today." He's 44. I think he's at the perfect time in his career to take on this responsibility I think he did things right, he went to Atlanta. [He] had the chance to stay there, but I wanted to go back and call the offense, even though [it was] at a lower level, that he had learned while being in Atlanta. And then as soon as [Niners HC] Kyle [Shanahan] After getting the job in San Francisco, Kyle hired him almost immediately as a quarterback coach. I think he has a good foundation and will do a good job for us. "

Let's face it, the Broncos needed new blood and Kubiak caught the cabin fever as a staff member. Sometimes divorce is the only recourse available to both parties to find the right solution. As Elway has said, his relationship with Kubiak remains solid, but the general manager is excited about how the coaching staff has "fallen" for the Broncos.

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