Embraer E190 E2 looks like a shark, has no central seat

(CNN) – There is a shark on the track.

No, this is not a nightmare scenario caused by severe flooding, but a real Embraer E190-E2 aircraft, painted in a stunning white shark livery.

In recent months, this passion has turned heads and played a leading role in travel tours of Maldives to South Africa on a world tour. In October, he was spied at Kathmandu-Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal after flying over Mount Everest.
Nicknamed the Profit Hunter, it is the main aircraft of the Boeing and Embraer E2 family of regional jet aircraft, which includes the E175-E2, E190-E2 and E195-E2, and steals part of the attention given to his competitor. , the Airbus A220.
The A220 series was originally created by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier under the name of Series C. The first jet aircraft were sold to Swiss International Air Lines, which operates them since 2016. AirBaltic became the second operator Series C at the end of 2016, and Korean Air took delivery of its own products in December 2017. Delta has also placed orders and plans to begin regular A220 flights in 2019.

E2 vs A220

However, it was in October 2017 that Airbus announced a partnership with Bombardier, which evolved to become a majority stake in the manufacturer and a new image of the A220 C Series at the Farnborough Air Show in July 2018.

The rivalry between Embraer's E2 series and the Airbus A220 peaked in Farnborough, when JetBlue Airways ordered 60 A220s over the E2 to replace its Embraer 190 fleet. are not expected before 2020, but for travelers who have come to love and who may love the smaller JetBlue aircraft (the airline currently only uses Airbus A320s and Embraers E190s), Replacement by Airbus A220 losing a neglected equipment that is the trademark of Embraer: no central seat.

The Embraer world tour is an opportunity for the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer to demonstrate to customers, as well as to the traveling public, that it also has a new aircraft and that , thanks to the technical and comfort developments developed since the early 2000s, the first E-jet generation jet, of which more than 1,400 currently use operators worldwide.

Embraer E190 E2 delivered on the theme of the animals of plane

The plane debuted in February with this livery on the theme of the tiger.

Courtesy Embraer

Larger windows, larger bins

So what are these advances, in particular?

While details such as legroom and seating configuration are the decision of each airline customer, new generation aircraft offer definite passenger benefits, such as redesigned windows with larger frames. to make the cabin brighter, hanging compartments 40% larger and capable. suitable for standard hand luggage wheels, first, and no under-seat support rail interferes with legroom.

"The goal is to preserve the passenger space," said Rodrigo Silva e Souza, vice president of marketing at Embraer Commercial Aviation, CNN Travel. The interior of the E2 aircraft aims to create a "wide body cabin atmosphere" that "gives passengers the impression of having more space or more space". to be in a bigger plane ".

Even though travelers have the impression of flying in a bigger plane, there is undeniably a distinct feature, Embraer, which will continue with the E2 jets: the absence of a central seat.

Improvement of energy efficiency

The most avaricious airlines can not even install intermediate seats in these planes; the configuration will be 2-2, with passengers assigned to a window or driveway.

Embraer even offers an upscale cabin option with staggered seating, with the goal of increasing privacy and eliminating squish shoulder-to-shoulder.

From a technical point of view, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions are the main selling points made possible by an all-new wing design with high aspect ratio. The devices are also lighter, due to the use of the latest electric flight technology.

While the shark-nose plane continues its global tour, Embraer E2's jets with less ruthless paintwork are already entering regular passenger service.

Embraer E190 E2 delivered on the theme of the animals of plane

There is an E195, the larger version of the E190, with an eagle theme.

Courtesy Embraer

Where to fly

The first E190-E2 was delivered in April to Widerøe, a regional subsidiary of Scandinavian Airlines, and the airline now operates three similar flights in Norway.

SkyWest, E2's largest customer, is a regional subsidiary of airlines offering flights such as American Airlines, Delta, United and Alaska Airlines.

Their order, the first ever made at the launch of the E2 program at the Paris Air Show 2013, concerns 100 of the smaller E2 jets, the E175-E2, which can carry 80 to 90 passengers, depending on the configuration.

This means that the new E2 jets will surprise passengers in the United States with larger interiors, larger baggage bins and this "new scent of the plane" the US regional jets have been lost for a long time, even though this It is only in 2021 that the first orders of the E175-E2 are planned. delivery. FlightGlobal reports that Embraer also said that Alaska Airlines, Spirit and United were the US carriers most likely to take advantage of replacing some of their current fleet of narrowbody bodies with planes Reaction E2.

AerCap, an independent aircraft leasing company with airlines worldwide, has signed the second largest order for E2, for more than 20 of each of the largest E190-E2 and E195-E2 variants, and confirmed the first placement of the Kazakh group Air Astana when their deliveries begin in 2019. The Brazilian companies Azul, Swiss Helvetic, Kuwaiti Wataniya and Chinese Tianjin Airlines have also ordered variants of the E2 family.

Embraer did not say what would happen to the great E190-E2 white when its global release would be complete, but its unique project, combined with brighter interiors without intermediate seats, proves that regional jets are more powerful than minnows. in the commercial airline industry.

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