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Emily Ratajkowski Wearing a Bermuda Blue Bikini – Photos – Hollywood Life

Emily Ratajkowski visited Instagram on June 16 to share beautiful photos of herself fun by the water in Bermuda while rocking a tiny blue bikini that showed a lot of skin.

Emily Ratajkowski, 28, was absolutely flawless on her trip to Bermuda and she has Instagram photos to prove it! The model shared several photos of her showing a blue bikini that shows a lot of skin while she poses near the water on a beach in a beautiful location and that holds a lot of attention . She also wore a white bucket hat in snapshots and seemed as happy as possible with a smile. "We felt like a princess thanks to @princessbermuda we loved this place so much," she subtitled a series of photos.

Once Emily posted the catchy photos, Emily's fans could not help but crush them in the comments. "Beautiful," wrote a follower. "Number 1," writes another. "Pose pose pose!", Commented on a third. "Amazing," replied a fourth supporter. All the positive words clearly reflect the impact of Emily's beautiful photos on social media!

In addition to her latest photos in Bermuda, Emily posted a sexy picture of herself topless on June 10th. She then removed the photo after she received over 150,000 "likes", but that was one for the books. The closeup showed her freckles as she pouted. "Mondays," she captioned in the photo, probably referring to the confused feeling that many people have in the early part of the week.

It's always fun to see Emily's different photos every time she posts them. No matter what they show, we can be sure that this will undoubtedly attract the attention of his many fans!

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