Eminem sends a truly strange tweet asking AAF to authorize field fights

The FAA was launched a little over a month ago and already has a high profile fan at Eminem.

In response to the match between Memphis Express and Birmingham Iron, Eminem expressed his frustrations on Twitter.

Eminem's reaction could come from a play in which Johnny Manziel of the Memphis Express has almost started a fight with a Birmingham Iron player.

You can always count on Manziel to attract attention.

This may not be the kind of attention that the AAF attracts because they hope to establish themselves as a league during the NFL's off season. There are many former NFL players in the league such as Manziel.

The league can be a way for players to demonstrate their skills and play the role of a minor league for the NFL. However, few fans are currently watching and do not even know the FAA. Eminem's publicity could be of benefit to the AAF, even if it's not what she hopes to establish.

After all, all advertising could be a good advertisement.

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