Eminem wants the fighting to be allowed to AAF and the co-founder responds to him

The Alliance of the American Football League is always one thing, as you might have noticed this weekend when Johnny Manziel debuted with the Memphis Express.

Apparently, Eminem watched, or at least knew about the game, while he was suggesting to the league: allow players to fight.

This match was a little frivolous late, while Johnny Football was heard curse a defensive player and that jostling took place later. But it was not too uncontrollable, much to Eminem's dismay.

The rapper, from Detroit, tweeted (also capitalized, so you know he's serious) saying that allowing players to fight would make him watch every game, even if there was no team in his hometown.

Johnny Football saw this and responded with:

Charlie Ebersol, the CEO and co-founder of the league, also answered him, but it was not about fights:

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