Endgame administrators appreciate surprise over marketing


Avengers: Endgame administrators appreciate "surprise" over marketing

Nothing is more discouraging than a film spoiler surfaces before its release, which reduces its impact. That's why the directors of the next Avengers: End of the game are extremely cautious about potential spoilers. In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo expressed their desire not to spoil the marketing department's surprises.

"We talked about all the marketing scales," said Joe Russo. "The most important thing for us is to preserve the surprise of the story. When I was a child and I saw The empire counter-attack at 11 o'clock the day it opens … It rages me so much because I did not know anything about the story I wanted to watch. We try to reproduce this experience. "

Joe Russo had explained in a previous interview that he and his brother "used all the material we had to create a trailer. We see the trailer as a very different experience than the movie, and I think the audience is so predictive that you have to be very intelligent in the way you design a trailer, because an audience can watch a trailer and basically tell you what's going to happen in the movie. "

"We consume too much content," Russo added. "So we have at our disposal a lot of different shots that we can not manipulate in the film through the CG to tell a story that we want to tell specifically for the purpose of the trailer and not for the film. "

Expect things to stay on the cryptic side Avengers: End of the game Approaching its release on April 26th. What surprises do you think this chapter will reserve for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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