Endgame's both have plans for April 26

Taylor Swift comes for Thanos.
Taylor Swift comes for Thanos.

Image: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Like all fans of Marvel movies, comics and comics have to know, April 26, 2019 – the day the long-awaited movie Avengers: End of the game, strikes the theaters – is sacred.

This is the day when many people will want to sit in a movie theater for more than three hours in order to probably (almost definitely) watch Captain America die, whether Thanos will finally be defeated and if our fallen heroes will be dead. brought back to life. But Taylor Swift does not seem to care.

Thursday night, the singer launched a mysterious countdown on her website and on social media accounts that sent fans angry. It's not tagged, which could signal a new project, an announcement or a new music for everyone, but the countdown has the nerve to end the film already thrilled. Avengers: End of the game day.

How much can we expect to manage, Taylor ?! We are only human.

It would be fun if Taylor was so excited to see Avengers: End of the game that she has counted down, as others, I am sure, everything suggests that she abandons new music that day.

She has changed her social media profile to a soothing pastel watercolor painting. She also tweeted the next picture next to the date.

Pink color, with rainbows, butterflies and sparks is a change from Swift badass Reputation but she seems to have created an ongoing theme on her Instagram account, leading to wasted time.

Taylor plans something.

Image: screengrab / instagram

As she and the Marvel Universe share an overlapping fan base, a group of people is now overwhelmed by all this superimposed news of April 26th.

While people are trying to be logical here, the fact that Taylor Swift has a song called "Endgame" and that the Avengers movie literally calls "Endgame" is really too perfect to be ignored.

Does Taylor make an appearance in the movie? Is the song? is she the one who beats Thanos? Gah, so many things to consider.

They say April 25 is the ideal date, but this year? We may have to make an exception.

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