Endgame's sales in China reach unprecedented levels – Deadline

Avengers: China's pre-season presales reached record highs in a few hours. According to Maoyan Box Office System, End of Game sold more than 1 million tickets within six hours after they went on sale Friday, local time. It is a record for all films of the Middle Kingdom; not even a Chinese New Year title has crossed the 1M's admission level in the same amount of time.

What else, End of Game overcome the first 24 hours of Avengers: war in the infinite in just the first hour of presales. In the first three hours, the latest epic Disney / Marvel superhero movie has passed the first seven days of presale. War of infinity.

War of Infinity holds the all-time record of $ 65 million in pre-sales, including $ 8.9 million from midnight, although he is the record holder, even without those. Last year, IW the tickets went on sale 21 days and seven hours before their release, while End of Game will have 11 days and 12 hours of presales.

Some of the figures above do not include Wanda cinemas, whose system has End of Game tickets on sale six hours after the other platforms.

From 9 pm Friday Beijing time, End of Game had sold for 88 million RMB (13.12 million dollars) of tickets. He crossed 100 million RMB in 10 hours.

Field estimates in China are waiting End of Game make at least $ 75 million in pre-sales – some see $ 100 million, we hear – which would set a record. However, the wild numbers at the beginning are unprecedented.

End of Game opens April 24 in China, two days ahead of the national, which gives it a five-day launch weekend – although Sunday, April 28 is a working day before an extended break of the following week.

Infinity War opened for $ 199.3 million in China (unadjusted), two weeks after national reverence and a broadband of the rest of the internationals. As we have already pointed out, China being day-to-day on Endgame, the global launch is expected to far exceed $ 800 million.

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