EndingApollo + Ripple XRP Trends! – Brave Browser – Great Contest Update – APL + MAF Contest


Apollo and Ripple XRP have a tendency in Google. Updates on Apollo Currency, Ripple, Brave. Huge crypto contest updates! In this video, I also make 5 MAF social account gifts + a 50k APL gift.

– Use this link to download Brave and support the channel! I would love to give some basic attention tokens (BAT) to the next gift! This browser based on a chain of blocks will be massive and revolutionize digital advertising. The Brave browser is already the best browser on the Internet and supports cryptocurrency and blockchain !! Everyone in crypto and blockchain should use this browser, even if he knows nothing about the basic attention token. This is the perfect way to add a few hundred dollars of passive income to your cryptocurrency wallet.

– Join the crypto giveaway contest and win huge crypto prizes. Everyone can qualify for 800 Apollo coins (APL).

Huge prices for the top 10 and even better prices for the top 3! Earn points / entries by completing tasks in the contest dashboard and referring other people.

The contest will run until September 28th. All top 10 winners will be contacted by email after the end of the contest to verify the portfolio IDs for prizes. The winning pieces of the 800 APLs will receive their coins in October (5000 Apollo wallets can take a long time!)

I have included 1 million Apollo coins and 1000 Ripple XRP from my own reserve in the contest, the rest of the awards being given by sponsors.

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