Epic continues Fortnite festival that failed [Update]

The organizer of an unfortunate Fortnite festival must be sued by the game's publisher, Epic. Fortnite Live took place this weekend in Norwich, UK, but sparked a negative reaction from participants.[[[[Update: The organizer has now stated that he should "immediately stop all commercial activities" and will apparently cancel the previously planned Fortnite Live events.]

Tickets cost between £ 12 and £ 32 per person, which allows fans to access under-rated, generic and poor-quality attractions, such as a climbing wall and a shooting in the bow. The Fortnite mark, including the likeness of the characters, was used throughout the event, although none of these intellectual properties were licensed by the organizer Exciting Events. As a result, Epic said that he would sue the organizer of the event in court.

"The quality of our player experience is extremely important to us, whether it's inside the game or at official public events like the Fortnite Pro-Am from last year," he said. said a spokesman for Epic Games at Eurogamer. "Epic Games was in no way associated with the event that took place in Norwich and we filed an appeal against the organizers in front of the London High Court."

Participants complained of long queues and very few activities related to Fortnite. The free game itself was playable at the event – once you have paid for the privilege and you have queued to enter.

"It should have been a fun day, but the whole event went off in confusion and my kids spent most of the day waiting in line," said a woman at the Guardian. "Fortnite is basically about chasing and killing people, I wanted to do it to the people who organized it."

Exciting Events offered refunds to people who had asked for money that day and has since announced plans to do better for next year's event. After the Epic lawsuit, Fortnite Live 2020 seems an unlikely prospect.

In addition, the latest 7.40 update from Fortnite has been posted recently. The patch introduces two new time-limited modes and some new features, including a limited-time Driftboard.

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