Epic could organize holidays during season 8 of Fortnite


The longest season in Fortnite's history is coming to an end and people are looking to the future.

The scenario of season 8 is still to be debated. Until now, we've seen hints of a king of fire, earthquakes ripping the map and images of pirates.

But, apart from history, epic events for seasonal vacations are on the agenda.

In Season 7, we had events at Christmas, New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year and a Valentine's Day themed tournament.

Each fortified season lasted a little over two months, with the exception of Season 7 which was extended due to a holiday break and lasted three full months.

With this in mind, we can assume that the end of season 8 will take place sometime in mid-May.

Here are all the vacations for which Epic could organize events in chronological order:

Mardi Gras, March 5th: The epic celebration from the Catholic tradition is rich in images. Most Americans think of New Orleans and noisy but noisy parades, but the celebration marks the beginning of Ash Wednesday.

As season 8 has just started, Epic will probably focus on the main events but they could celebrate this day with a themed and beaded outfit.

Saint Patrick, March 17th: The day associated with the leprechauns, pinched and greener than the eye can see, will almost certainly be celebrated by something in the game.

Epic has announced some treasure hunting opportunities and St. Patrick's Day is also known for the search for hidden surprises so that Fortnite can play on March 17. It's also a prime candidate for a double XP weekend and special challenges.

Fortnite's rivers could become green as the Chicago River

April 1 April fish: All that Epic has planned for April Fools will certainly be hilarious. They know how to control the player base and this day is a prime candidate.

My theory is that they will bring back planes and / or the Infinity Blade for a day to ruin others. Either that, or they could introduce a new, overpowering element that lasts 24 hours, but it gives the impression of doing more work than just bringing back an old creation.

Easter, April 21st: This is by far the biggest holiday of season 8. Again, like St. Patrick's Day, it's a party associated with the treasure hunt. Maybe that's why Epic chose this season for the pirate theme?

If a day of the season must have a huge event in the game, it will be this one. Having a massive Easter egg hunt would be great fun with the Fortnite card and Epic could become creative with hiding places for eggs.

A challenge consisting of finding a number of eggs seems likely here, similar to what Epic had achieved in Save The World last Easter. Of course, there will be some new wrinkles and they have already awarded a rabbit skin last year, so this year will have something new.

Cinco De Mayo, May 5th: Last possible holiday of season 8, Cinco De Mayo would be in the last week of the season assuming that Epic abides by the strict ten week schedule. Cinco De Mayo celebrates the victory of a Mexican army over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, but this holiday is more widely celebrated in America than in Mexico.

It's another holiday like Mardi Gras where Epic can wink at the day with a new skin or a new emote, but Fortnite will probably go through an end-of-season event to overshadow the holidays.

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