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Epic Games has been hugely successful with his Royal Battle Game Fortnite. He also created the popular Armament of war the franchise and the Unreal tournament series. Now, it seems that the extremely profitable studio is preparing to work on its next successful game.

According to Game Awards presenter Geoff Keighley, Epic Games has hired veteran game industry veteran Jason West as part of his game development efforts. Keighley says that West, who founded Call of Duty: Modern war Infinity Ward studio and then founded Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment developer has been working for about a month at the Epic Games office in Cary, North Carolina.

The hiring of West at Epic Games is considered a big deal for several reasons. The first is that West did not work in the video game industry for about six years. West left Respawn Entertainment in 2013, just three years after the developer's foundation.

West left the company shortly after he and Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella settled their complaint with Activision. An official statement from the company confirmed that Mr. West had left the company to "deal with some family issues".

This is also perceived as a big problem because many consider West as an incredibly talented developer. Fans are very interested in seeing what West and the creative minds of Epic Games could work together. While West was at Infinity Ward, the developer worked on Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty: Modern war, Call of Duty Modern War 2. West was also at Respawn for a game of Fall of the TitansDevelopment. Some will wonder if hiring West at Epic Games means the developer wants to create a very hard military shooter.

Whatever West and the Epic Games team are working on, they all hope the game will be as successful as Fortnite. Fortnite has become an international hot topic because of its popularity, with its Grammy Award winning musicians and star athletes who love the sport. Epic Games » Fortnite has more than 200 million PC players, consoles and mobile devices. In 2018, she generated $ 2.4 billion through cosmetics sales and her passport.

Making another successful game might be difficult, especially because Fortnite Tracked and capitalized a trend set by another game. However, West also has experience in creating very popular games and this could give Epic Games an advantage.

Source: Geoff Keighley – Twitter

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