Epic Games Releases First-Time Fortnite Ads on YouTube as a Result of Controversy Over a Child Predator

Epic Games has stopped connecting Fortnite pre-show ads on YouTube videos as a result of a discovery that ads were read on predators of videos used to exploit children.

"We have suspended all pre-roll advertising," said a spokesman for Epic Games The edge. "Thanks to our advertising agency, we contacted Google / YouTube to determine the actions to take to eliminate this type of content from their service."

Pre-roll ads, which are broadcast before the start of a video, for companies such as Grammarly and Google Chromebooks, have been shown on some of the videos that the creator, Matt Watson, has found for his original and that triggered the conversation. Other companies whose ads appeared on videos, featuring children and comments were full of comments from predators, have also asked YouTube to remedy the situation. A spokesman for Peloton, the company behind the popular apartment bike, said wired "He was working with his media buying agency to study why his ads were displayed against such videos."

Several of these videos were unearthed in a Watson video, which showed that looking for something like a "bikini race," in which women show off various swimsuits purchased, can often lead to the "bikini race", in which women show various swimsuits purchased, can often lead to the exploitation of videos of children. Comment sections are often full of predators marking parts of a video sexualizing the child or children on the stage, although the videos themselves are not pornographic in nature. Watson's video was quickly put online and a long post on Reddit remained on the front page for quite some time.

"The algorithm recommended by YouTube facilitates communication between pedophiles, contact information and links to child pornography in comments," wrote Watson on Reddit. "I can still access them from vanilla YouTube accounts that have never been used before via harmless videos in less than ten minutes, sometimes in less than five clicks."

A spokesperson for YouTube said The edge "We acted immediately by removing accounts and channels, reporting illegal activity to the authorities, and disabling illegal comments." Ensuring advertisers' ads are not shown on disruptive content videos is a work in progress. which YouTube has been working for some time.

"All content – including comments – endangering minors is odious and we have clear policies banning this on YouTube," the spokesman said. "There is still a lot of work to be done and we continue to work to improve and catch the abuse faster."

This has happened in the past – and the result is something that the creative community calls ad-jubilee. Advertisers have threatened to remove ads from the platform after a series of articles highlighting the terrorism and heinous content being broadcast on the platform. Advertisers' concerns grew after PewDiePie, YouTube's biggest creator, got international coverage on a video containing anti-Semitic images.

YouTube gives advertisers more control over the type of videos their ads show on, as well as some types of videos that they do not want their ads to show in the last two years. For example, advertisers can tell YouTube that they want to run ads on music and sports videos, but not video games, and YouTube will show them on channels in those categories. In theory, if a channel featuring young children performing gymnastics or performing choreography meets YouTube's AdSense requirements, an advertisement for a Google Chromebook might appear on a video that has also attracted predators in the comments section.

We do not know when Epic Games will bring Fortnite pre-show ads on YouTube.

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