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Epic's amazing new Unreal demos show ray tracing and photorealism

Epic Games unveiled in its annual presentation of the widely used Unreal Engine, two stunning demos featuring a haunting future and a fantasy fantasy universe. For the developers, the two short films present various new possibilities for the engine, but they are also beautiful works, although brief.

The first, called Renaissance (integrated above), was designed by Quixel Studio as an example of photorealism. It portrays a difficult terrain at an indeterminate time of the future, with attractive landscapes full of jagged rocks and dusty fields. The clamp slowly leads to a huge angular structure coming out of the hill with a flying car approaching it. Sometimes the incredibly detailed video can be confused with a live movie. Even more impressive, Epic says that only three artists worked on the short film, using an unmodified version of Unreal.

Later in the speech, we had a preview of Troll. It's actually a teaser for a full-length movie created in collaboration between Goodbye Kansas Studios and Deep Forest Films, but even the quick screenshot was impressive. The trailer shows a woman – played by tomb Raider star Alicia Vikander – near a pond with playful fairies. When the sprites take off with his crown, an invisible being growls away, suggesting a darker story. Epic used the trailer as an example of the power of Unreal's new ray tracing tools. Troll has been in development for a few months, according to its creators, although the release date of the full version is not known.

It's a good GDC for great technical demonstrations. Earlier this week, Unity unveiled a teaser for L & # 39; heretic, an animated short film designed to present realistic virtual humans.

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