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ESPN's Molly Qerim comments with clumsiness LaVar Ball

The painful experience of LaVar Ball with female guests is enriched.

While appearing in "First Take" to discuss sending his son Lonzo to the New Orleans Pelicans as part of the contract with Anthony Davis, Ball sparked an embarrassing moment with inappropriate commentary on the co-op. host of the show, Molly Qerim.

Stephen A. Smith confided the conversation to Qerim, who said she was "changing pace" with the following question, to which Ball replied, "You can change the pace with me every day."

Qerim's shocked face briefly crossed her face before she handled the uncomfortable moment with a simple "stay focused here."

Smith responded by saying, "Oh, Lord," while shaking his head at Ball.

"Congratulations to Molly Qerim for the professional manner in which she treated LaVar Ball after her inappropriate comment," Jemele Hill, former host of ESPN, wrote on Twitter. "Maybe ESPN will finally have learned its lesson on putting it on television."

Ball is not unfamiliar with the lack of respect for female presenters while on television, and has even tried to make a profit. He told Kristin Leahy to "stay in the same street" on FS1 in 2017, and then sold t-shirts with the phrase that is part of his Big Baller brand.

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