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"Even gloves are not enough" … Ugandan doctors fight to fight Ebola | New

BWERA, Uganda (AP) – The isolation ward for patients with Ebola virus disease is a tent erected in the garden of the local hospital.

Gloves are distributed sparingly to health workers.

And, when the second person in this Ugandan border town died after the spread of the Ebola outbreak from neighboring Congo, the hospital could, for several hours, find a vehicle to remove the body.

"We do not really have an isolation ward," Pedson Buthalha, director of Bwera Hospital, told The Associated Press.

"It's just a tent. To be honest, we can not accommodate more than five people. "

Medical workers at the helm of Uganda's fight against an Ebola epidemic lamented what they call limited support at a time when infected Congolese Ugandan family members showed up.

Three have died since.

While Ugandan authorities view health workers as "heroes" and say they are ready to contain the virus, some workers disagree.

"Even the gloves are not enough," said Thursday the hospital administrator.

However, Ugandan Minister of Health Jane Aceng told The Associated Press that Kasese district officials were to blame for the lack of medical supplies, saying they had delayed the submission of their petition. budget.

"It is clearly the responsibility of the district to order supplies," said Aceng.

"If they did not execute the orders, we can not stock them because we do not know how much they need"

Regarding the modernization of the makeshift isolation service in the hospital garden, the Minister of Health said: "This is not economical."

"It is not profitable to build permanent structures," she explained.

At least two nurses from Bwera Hospital may have been exposed to the Ebola virus while providing first aid to an infected family.

They and some other contacts have since been quarantined at home.

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