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Even the Grails are not immune to the Marie Kondo effect

Men selling clothes blame Kondo, "girlfriends" and "wives".

Marie Kondo, undefeated table mistress, inspired all kinds of self-reflections from people who tried to count on their deep love of magic, the marvelous, the delicious Things. As the New Yorker In early January, the program's impact on libraries, Goodwill stores and merchandise stores has been significant since its New Year launch this year. An employee of the vintage and consignment chain, Beacon's Closet, has New Yorker the store was more crowded than it was in five years. Presumably, these places were filled with old sweaters and shrink t-shirts "Frankie Says Relax". But the cleaning frenzy has also penetrated some of the world's most haunting wardrobes: those that are full of grails and held by obsessed men's fashion.

Tuesday, User Twitter @adultblackmale discovered that the ads on the Grailed men's clothing resale site accused Kondo, or his girlfriends and women owned by Kondo, of their ads. "Sold only because my girlfriend, that's Marie Kondo-shit, comes out of my closet," wrote a user. But the real Kondo effect is not as dramatic as these screenshots might suggest to people.

The overall effect may be negligible, but that does not mean it's not funny. There is a man who has watched Storage with Marie Kondo, took a look in his closet, pulled out a Rick Owens blazer, finally decided not to do it. to bring joyand now it is available on Grailed for $ 650. The show is also apparently a good excuse for these sellers to let potential buyers know that they have a girlfriend and a wife. Congratulations!

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