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Every second of Dwyane Wade's circus ring is a perfect mess

Dwyane Wade's winning move against the Golden State Warriors at the ring was a miracle, and another reminder of why he will miss us so much when he retires at the end of the season.

Watch Wade play three times with a broken game and finish with a wild, unbalanced and unbalanced three-pointed pointer to beat the champions back to back.

Let's see what happened here in the second, because it was both disastrous and perfect.

11 seconds to 9.1 seconds to go

Wade dribbled the ball slowly. "Let's try to win this one with a very normal shot," he thought probably.

9 seconds to go

Wade entered his dribbling motion. He's going to be blown up by his defender to the edge to be floated, right?

8 seconds to go

[Wade realized, “Crap, this isn’t going to work.”]

7 seconds to go

Wade was totally stuck with his back on the hoop.

6 seconds to go

Wade realized that he had to kick the ball for the last shot of the evening for the Dion servers.

5 seconds to go

The waiters imitate with time.

4 seconds to go

The servers have entered a double team with nowhere to go. This possession seemed completely dead.

3 seconds to go

The waiters returned the ball to Wade in a last dying match.

2 seconds to go

Wade has long been pretending to get Kevin Durant up in the air. It was time to start, down two points for the win!

1 second to go

Wade was blocked by Jordan Bell before the horn. What a disturbed game!

Until …

0.5 seconds

What the hell? Is he –


In his last season! Sheesh.

Wade really has a soft spot for the buzzers on February 27th, it seems.

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