"Everyone rolls!": FCC chief makes every effort to thwart blocking automated cell phone calls

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, threatens large mobile phone companies to intervene "in a regulatory manner" if they do not take action to thwart automated calls.

According to a study cited in a new report by the FCC, nearly half of calls made to US cell phones in 2019 will be spam.

On "America's Newsroom" on Friday, Pai said that in addition to imposing hefty fines on the hustlers, his agency asked the phone industry to beef up its system. authentication and set up robust authentication of the caller ID system, which he describes as "a digital footprint for each phone".

"It is very easy to usurp a phone number.Even if you call from abroad, you can give the impression that you have the same area code and the same first three numbers that you have. a person living in a small town in Iowa, "explained Pai, revealing that he is not answering his phone unless he has already registered the number.

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Facilitator Sandra Smith said the FCC threatened corporate regulation if there was no change, which is unusual under a Republican administration.

"It's our top priority for consumer protection, something I hear about a lot, including from my own family," said Pai. "And the law is pretty clear here.The FCC has the power to act to protect consumers, to ensure that these automated calls do not bombard American consumers."

He added that in addition to generating considerable fraud and waste, it was only a problem for millions of Americans.

He added that many of the major telephone companies were taking up the technological challenge and agreeing to meet their deadline of the end of 2019.

"And we hope others will catch up, as time is running out, it's not on the side of the American consumer who is tired of receiving calls all day."

Watch the interview "America's Newsroom" above.

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