EVO Japan shoots Dead or Alive 6 for inappropriate content


The director of EVO said that the course "does not reflect the core values ​​of Evo"

EVO Japan is currently held at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center in Fukuoka, Japan and all the big names in fighting games are there. Capcom, Koei Tecmo, SNK and others are currently organizing tournaments and are demonstrating upcoming games and downloadable content to the public in order to create a hype for the future of their brands. Not even a full day in the festivities, the event encountered a problem in the streaming program.

During a segment promoting the Dead or Alive 6, the content of the feed has shifted to what the EVO managers considered to be inappropriate content. After a series of infractions, the stream was removed from Twitch and a statement was issued to apologize for the snafu. The tweet has since been deleted but has been archived by VG 24/7 for viewing below.

The first offense occurred when some of the presenters started talking about various aspects of DOA6 and fess themselves by jumping. Everyone was at the rendezvous, which clearly tried to play the torrid side of this series. After that, Koei Tecmo employees demonstrated the new free camera option DOA6. Hulk Hogan wanted Bass Armstrong to run a pile driver on Nyotengu and the camera stopped at an angle that seemed rather sexual. The flow was suddenly pulled during this passage.

Although EVO director Joey Cuellar initially posted this tweet, no other official comment was made on it. The rest of EVO Japan is still running, so we will probably not hear anything else before the end of the tournaments.

Evo Japan stream fired offline Dead or Alive 6 promo turns to inappropriate brand content [VG 24/7]

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