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Exclusive Alien: Isolation Trailer announces the launch of the digital series on IGN


Complete series exclusively at IGN on February 28th.

By Terri Schwartz

It's been fifteen years since Amanda Ripley's mother disappeared aboard Nostromo, a towing ship in space. And for fifteen years, Amanda suspects that her mother's story has nothing more than one might think.

This is the story of Alien: Isolation, and for those who have not played at the 2014 game, 20th Century Fox is developing Amanda Ripley's story of D & C. A new and exciting way. As you can see in our first exclusive trailer, IGN will launch exclusively the first digital series of the Fox series, Alien: Isolation, Thursday, February 28 – and you can enjoy the seven episodes when the series will be screened. IGN.com at 9am.

This new digital series takes up the cinematic scenes of Alien: Isolation and does not develop them, but creates a new animation experience to add extra layers to the story of Ellen Ripley's daughter. The goal was to give a new depth to a story that many players would have already experienced during the release of 2014, and to tell the story in a newly accessible way for those who do not have the ### Have not done yet.

Fox worked with the developers and production partners, Reverse Engineering Studios and DVgroup, to create this new series, which combines original scenes generated from scratch, direct cutscenes of the game and scenes in the first person of the game. which have been filmed and edited for this new narrative of Amanda Ripley's story.

The official summary of the Alien: Isolation series reads: "Fifteen years have passed since the Nostromo freighter disappeared, and for the past fifteen years Amanda Ripley has traveled the known universe to learn more about her mother. Ellen Ripley, Warrant Officer Nostromo When representatives of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation tell Amanda that the Nostromo flight recorder was eventually found and brought to the Sevastopol space station, Amanda joins the expedition of the company to its remote post, it enters a nightmare: the inhabitants of Sevastopol have been terrorized, hunted and threatened with annihilation.It and a band of unprepared survivors – and perhaps even untrustworthy – will face the same diabolical species that forever changed the fate of his mother. "

This series revealed by Alien: Isolation could not have come at a better time either, Alien celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. This is not the only way for Fox to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alien: the studio also launched a new mobile game called Alien: Blackout focused on Amanda Ripley in January.

While Alien is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019, tell us: What is your favorite installment in the Alien franchise?

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