Exclusive: Coca-Cola and Disney Team Up to Create New Ground "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge"

Coca-Cola associates with Disney Parks and Resorts to bring custom bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Dasani to the highly anticipated land of "Star Wars", Galaxy's Edge. The bottles give up the familiar look of Coca-Cola products for a result that perfectly matches the history of Galaxy's Edge.

The bottles will be shaped into a spherical droid shape. They will also carry brand names, but the labels will appear scuffed to match the rusty look of the "Star Wars" galaxy. The labels will also be written in Aurebesh, a fictional language used in the film franchise.

"It's not like any Coca-Cola product you've ever seen before," Scott Trowbridge, creative portfolio manager at Walt Disney Imagineering told CNN Business. "The graphics, the shape of the bottle itself, the cap, all this is unique in the world and the design language of" Star Wars "."

The fields, which are scheduled to open at Disneyland California on May 31 and August 29 at Disney Studios in Hollywood, Florida, will be a totally immersive experience that feels like a "Star Wars" movie.

The Coca-Cola partnership is just another aspect of that. The "Star Wars" packaging of cola-based products helps preserve the illusion of the country and its history for guests.

The new courses will include interactive attractions such as Smuggler's Run, where guests can drive the Millennium Falcon, as well as bars and restaurants such as the Oga Cantina cantina.

Susan Propp, Coke's vice president of marketing strategic partnerships, told CNN Business that she felt the partnership was too good an "opportunity" to refuse.

"A lot of us at Coca-Cola are huge fans of" Star Wars, "Propp said. "We were very excited to be working in partnership with Disney to create and deliver a unique experience to fans of" Star Wars "at Galaxy's Edge."

Propp added that the company had collaborated with Disney Imagineers to design the bottle's design.

& # 39; Star Wars: Episode IX & # 39; the trailer is finally here

Coca-Cola is the oldest business partner of Disney, according to the drinks company. The soda was available at the Disneyland and Disney World openings.

Propp believes that Galaxy's Edge Coke bottles, which will only be available in the country, could even become souvenirs and collectibles for park lovers.

"I think customers will probably drink it to stay hydrated or enjoy it in the countryside, then probably throw it in their backpacks and bring it home," she said.

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