Exclusive: Sarah Sanders interviewed by Robert Mueller's office


"The president has urged me, as he does with all members of the administration, to cooperate fully with the special council.I am happy to meet the council voluntarily," said Sanders in response to a CNN question.

The interview is one of the last known interviews of Mueller & # 39; s team of people who worked at the White House. It took place at the end of last year, about the same time that the special council had questioned John Kelly, then chief of staff at the White House, well after several other senior officials, including the president. former White House communications director, Hope Hicks, and former press officer Sean Spicer. were brought for interrogation.

The White House did not immediately agree to grant the special advocate an interview with Sanders, according to one of the sources. Similarly, as CNN reported in December, White House lawyers initially opposed Mueller's request for Mueller's interrogation, which ultimately answered a series of limited questions posed by specialized investigators.

Although the content of the interview with Sanders is not clear, one of the likely areas of interest was the way Sanders had composed the statements that she had made on the podium for defend the president regarding the investigation conducted by Russia.

Mueller's team will file a sentence recommendation on Manafort in the Virginia case

While Mueller is completing his investigation in Russia, investigators have focused mainly on contradictory public statements from President Donald Trump and his team, which could be seen as an effort to impede justice, according to people close to the US. investigation.

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CNN reported last month that prosecutors appeared to be reviewing Trump's public statements to determine whether anyone was seeking to influence other witnesses and was inciting other administrations and officials. former campaigners to make false public statements.

This includes the role of the president in drafting the misleading declaration of Air Force One in the summer of 2017 during the infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians in June 2016, which was attended by Donald Trump. Jr., the son-in-law of president Jared Kushner and the campaign president of the time Paul Manafort.

In 2017, Sanders said Trump had considered the statement after the revelation of his son, Trump Jr., met with a Russian lawyer at the 2016 meeting.

"The statement that Don Jr. has published is true," said Sanders. "There is no inaccuracy in the statement.The president weighed the same way as any father, based on the limited information available to him."

Special advocate spokesman Peter Carr declined to comment.

CLARIFICATION: This story has been updated to clarify that Sarah Sanders' interview is one of the last interviews known by the Mueller team, made up of those who worked at the White House.

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